Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashwini tells own circle of relatives that she took a realistic person’s recommendation and took this selection. Ninad asks while she didn’t take Bhavani’s opinion, then who it is. Sai asks if she took Dr. Anjali’s recommendation. Ashwini says yes. Ninad asks her to invite Virat and Sai for whom she took this selection. Ashwini tells Virat that she didn’t take this selection due to the fact she is indignant on him, she doesn’t have any trouble with him and loves them each immensely, she simply wishes their variations cleared. Virat says he by no means puzzled her selection and she or he might have taken a selection after questioning well. Sai says even she doesn’t have any trouble and could now no longer query in which Ashwini will preserve her.

Pakhi remarks that Virat and Sai’s jodi will create an example, in advance they used to sleep one after the other beneathneath identical roof and now they may live in one-of-a-kind rooms. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Pakhi says earlier than Sai leaving the residence, Virat used to sleep on mattress and Sai on floor. Sai asks her to pay attention on her and Samrat and now no longer her and Virat. Samrat says Sai is right, husband and wife’s dating is personal, even he used to sleep in visitor room while he back home, and while Virat and Sai didn’t touch upon them, even they ought to admire their privacy. Pakhi makes indignant gestures, however no one questions her.

Ashwini modifications subject matter and says she can be able to display Sai her room. Bhavani says they ought to put together mahabhoj/banquet earlier than pendit and visitors come for pooja. Sonali says if all bahus put together mahabhoj, even Sai ought to. Bhavani asks if she is in her senses. Sonali says Sai is likewise bahu of this residence and ought to paintings. Bhavani says a person ought to paintings do Sai’s paintings, then Sonali ought to. Sonali’s happiness disappears and she or he says she receives headache if she works in kitchen. Bhavani says she can be able to deliver her a few different paintings then. Sonali reminds Sai created drama for the duration of closing year’s mahabhoj.

Karishma says Sai grinded masalas/spices on stone. Bhavani orders Sonali to grind spices on stone. Sonali resists, and Omkar backing Sai argues that Bhavani didn’t punish Sai for leaving residence, then why is she punishing Sonali. Bhavani says its among her and Sai, he want now no longer intrude and if he being a joru ka ghulam/wife’s slave attempts to assist his wife, even he might be punished. He says Sonali isn’t habituated to tough paintings. Bhavani says this is Sonali’s punishment. Sonali asks Karishma to grind spices in place of her. Bhavani says Sonali is assisting her put together unique meals and modak for Sai. Sonali concurs frowning.

Shivai asks Ashwini to disregard Sonali and Omkar’s drama and display Sai her room. Ashwini takes Sai alongside even as Virat seems at her. Sai receives satisfied seeing her very own room and says she can be able to repair her baba’s picturegraph on wall. Ashwini asks if she isn’t lacking Virat’s room. Sai recollects happier moments spent in Virat’s room, then she asks approximately her stuff. Ashwini say its in Virat’s room, she has saved critical gadgets and her pooja dress,

Virat will carry her closing stuff. She walks away asking her to relaxation until pooja. Virat returns to his room and recollects the first-class moments spent with Sai. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein.. music performs withinside the background. He opens cupbaord and imagines Sai’s garments in it. He then opens Sai’s suitcase and maintains her dupatta to sense her presence. Sai searching at her ring thinks Virat have to be satisfied now. Virat begins offevolved lacking her and thinks if he ought to persuade Ashwini to shift Sai lower back in his room, perhaps Sai is

Precap: Omkar yells that their residence will broke due to Sai soon. Sonali says Sai doesn’t recognize price of relationships as she is an orphan. Samrat says he’s Sai’s elder brother, Bhavani says she is her aunt, Ashwini says she is her mother, Virat says he’s her.. then thinks what’s he…


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