Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat walks to Sai’s room and wakes up Sai. Sai asks Pakhi how her voice have become so heavy. He says its Modak. She sits and asks while did Pakhi pass. He asks if she is fine. She says she has nostril block. He promotes Vicks Vaporub and explains its qualities. She says each time she used to get bloodless in childhood, Aaba used to provide her nilgiri antique and camphor steam. He says it has each of those elements and plenty greater. He blended vicks in steam and asks her to inhale it.

On the alternative side, Ashwini irons Ninad’s clothes. He thank you her. She says there’s no want to thank. He says he desires to thank her for her 37 years of tough paintings. She smiles. He breaks his blouse button and attempts to alternate blouse. She stops him and fixes button. He shyingly asks he desires to understand if their son and DIL love every different. She says there’s no want to shy speaking approximately their kids and says her choice of maintaining them in one of a kind rooms is operating and their courting is stabilizing.

He says even he’s seeing that. She says their courting gets greater higher in the event that they obey Bhavani and undergo kids. He is of the same opinion and says even he desires to do some thing for kids. She asks if he in reality desires to, he need to take them for diwali buying and allow them to spend first-class time together. He says commonly he and Omkar pass on diwali buying each 12 months and he need to be prepared through now, so he has to persuade each Omkar and Bhavani now.

Virat tells Sai that he got here to test on her. She says he need to test on his excellent pal who become getting nightmares and looking forward to to hug him and sleep in his room. He asks now no longer to speak senselessly, Pakhi didn’t need to hug or sleep in his room, she agreed to sleep in Sai’s room. She laughs and says he’s so harmless and placed Pakhi in awkward scenario the day past. He says Pakhi is his Jiva’s spouse and he has a duty closer to her.

She hopes humans fee relationships like him. He asks her to have her remedy. She says her remedy direction is completed the day past itself and dances. He asks why didn’t she tell him the day past. She thinks he wouldn’t have visited her room if she had knowledgeable the day past. He thinks if she desired him to go to her room and subsequently didnt tell him. They each funny story and chortle while Ninad enters. Sai is amazed to peer him in her room. He says while she will go to his room, why can’t he go to her room and asks them to get prepared for his or her family’s diwali buying.

Bhavani orders Karishma and Pakhi to dirt furnishings and says she loves making diwali buying list. Omkar says he loves buying. Ashwini informs that Ninad determined her, Virat, and Sai to move on diwali buying. Bhavani asks how can Ninad take choice himself with out her consent. Omkar yells next.

Virat tells Ninad that Bhavani and Omkar gets indignant in the event that they pass on buying, so he need to take Omkar like each 12 months. Ninad says he goes for a few paintings and subsequently Ashwini will go together with them or even get them diwali gift. Sai receives excited listening to approximately gift. Ninad says Ashwini need to be busy taking permission from Bhavani. Bhavani yells at Ashwini for making plans buying together along with her bahu with out her permission and says even different bahus might call for buying with their MILs.

Pakhi as ordinary badmouths approximately Sai accompanied through Sonali and Omkar. Ashwini says they need to permit new era research their traditions and responsibilities. Virat enters and says aayi is right, she need to permit children soak up responsibilities. Ninad backs him. Omkar yells if he desired to ship his kids and spouse on buying, why did he ask him to accompany for buying closing night. Drama continues. Bhavani’s crew maintain their verbal abuse. Sai attempts to persuade them. Sonali feedback if it become in her hands, she might have modified Virat’s spouse.

span style=”color: #ff00ff;”>Precap: Virat arranges Sai’s books in his room and discusses approximately moving returned to his room; he similarly discusses approximately a person’s reentry in his existence and fears dropping Sai due to her/him.


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