Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi thinks of executing her plan to make Sai sense jealous. She walks among automobiles closer to Virat’s vehicle, purposefully clashes with a motorcycle and falls down calling Virat. Virat notices her and rushes closer to her. Biker apologizes her and says he’ll take her to medical institution. Virat stops him and extends his hand to assist her get up. She acts as getting leg sprain and says she can not even get up. He lifts her and walks closer to vehicle even as she appears at his face. Serial’s name music performs withinside the background. Sai returns from university and asks what’s he doing.

He says Pakhi met with an coincidence and sprained her leg, so he’s taking her to medical institution. She asks if he didn’t note that her university is likewise a medical institution and asks ward boy to get wheelchair. Pakhi keeps appearing. Sai forcefully makes her take a seat down in a wheelchair and says she is fortunate that she were given injured in the front of medical institution. While taking her in, Sai says Virat acts as a savior continually and lifts everyone, reminding him lifting her whilst she met with an coincidence. He says he lifted her as she is his spouse and took permission earlier than lifting Pakhi. She says he have to name ambulance in place of himself turning into a savior otherwise he might be overwhelmed with the aid of using mob a few day.

Pulkit tests Pakhi’s foot x-ray and says the entirety is normal. Pakhi shouts she is in deep ache and he says not anything happened. He says he stated x-ray is normal, he gave her ache killer and her ache might be long gone in 2 days. Virat thank you god. Pakhi frowns in jealous. Sai scoffs that it looks as if she is feeling ache extra than usual.

Virat thank you Pulkit for attending Pakhi among his class. Pulkit says its okay. Sai pushes Pakhi’s wheelchair and heads closer to vehicle. Pakhi thinks Sai interferes on every occasion she attempts to be with Virat and tells Virat that she can be able to take a seat down in the front seat as she might also additionally sense ache in backseat. Pulkit says she can be able to sense much less ache in backseat instead. Sai makes her take a seat down in backseat and herself sits in the front seat, leaving Pakhi burning extra in jealousy.

Ashwini visits Sai and after asking approximately Pakhi’s circumstance says she wishes to speak about something. Sai asks if she approach Bhavani’s order approximately having a infant. Ashwini says yes, she feels embarrassed to speak approximately it. Sai says she want now no longer fear as their friendship will now no longer change. Virat enters and asks what are they discussing. Sai jokes they may be badmouthing approximately him and laugh. Ashwini says she is glad that their friendship isn’t always laid low with Bhavani’s order, however Bhavani is likewise now no longer incorrect as all antique human beings choice to play with their grandchildren.

Virat indicators Sai now no longer to fear. Ashwini explains that a infant will convey extra balance of their courting and lives and could generate extra relationships. Sai says however.. Ashwini says they shouldn’t allow anyone’s phrases disturb their courting, however youngsters are important in marriage and their minor variations will cease after they get busy looking after babies. Sai says its now no longer important to create a huge hassle to cease a small one. Ashwini asks if giving delivery to a infant appears a hassle to her, being a mom is an specific feeling and she or he have to enjoy it; until then they each have to get well matched with every different being pals or some thing they need to and believe god. Sai says they believe even her after god. Virat thank you Ashwini for knowledge them and as soon as Ashwini leaves he tells Sai that aayi and Bhavani are of antique questioning and they may be proper consistent with their generation, he’ll now no longer pressure her to do which she doesn’t like. He says he’s appearing like a position version for husbands and each woman goals a chum in her husband.

Precap: Sai tells Virat that she feels Pakhi remains in the back of him and consequently purposefully seeking to create variations among her and Samrat. Virat says she commenced again. She says seeing all of the current incidents, its clean that Pakhi desires to get towards Virat. Pakhi walks into Virat’s room at night time and says she noticed a terrible dream. Virat says she shouldn’t spend night time alone. Pakhi receives glad questioning he’ll ask to sleep in her room.


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