Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chavan own circle of relatives women make Anant Chaturdashi pooja preparations at domestic. Shivani asks Samrat while will Sai and Virat come, she is keen to look them lower back at domestic. Samrat says they’re at the way. Bhavani asks women to complete paintings quickly as Sai may also come any time. Omkar in his regular impolite tone asks if she made preparations for pooja or to welcome Sai. Bhavani says both. Sonali remarks Sai left domestic with out informing them and as an alternative of having irritated on her, they’re welcoming her. Bhavani says making maha bhoj/banquet preparations is an honor. Omkar rudely yells once more. Samrat says nowadays is visarjan day and that they have to hold their variations apart and carry out Bappa’s pooja and welcome Sai.

Karishma remarks next. Bhavani ignores her and tells Nandini they have to cross and welcome Sai. Sonali tells Karishma they shouldn’t permit Sai rule over them once more. Mohit input gambling drum. Family receives glad seeing. He meets everyone. Samrat asks how became his theater excursion. He says it became desirable and asks how is Sai bhabhi. Karishma yells her husband got here domestic from theater excursion after a long term and is concerned approximately Sai as opposed to her. Sonali asks her to head and put together tea and snacks for her husband.

Sai at the same time as returning domestic with Virat recollects her baggage and approximately it. Virat asks her now no longer fear as Samrat and Shivani already took her baggage domestic. She recollects leaving domestic at the identical path. He says she ought to be questioning that she left domestic with baggage through identical path and now returning domestic at the identical path. Sai says don’t understand what god’s want is that she left domestic and is returning lower back. Virat says they assume some thing and god some thing has some thing else in save for them. She reminds him approximately his disagreement in Mahabaleshwar. He smiles and says she were given a pHD in questioning. She sees mob wearing Ganapati idol and a child whom she stored dancing together along with his mom, receives out of automobile and walks in the direction of them. Virat thinks wherein did she cross.

Chavan own circle of relatives eagerly waits for Sai and thinks wherein they ought to have stuck. Omkar yells not anything may be proper in Sai’s presence. Sonali backs him. Mohit says there ought to be visrajan site visitors on roads. Omkar yells why did Sai take discharge nowadays and why is own circle of relatives paying a lot interest to Sai. Ninad asks him to prevent spilling venom. Omkar continues. Bhavani says they have to hold Satyanarayan pooja once more after Sai’s return.

Ninad backs her. Sonali says they stored pooja as Samrat and Pakhi and it might be waste of cash in the event that they hold pooja once more. Samrat calls Virat. Virat preserving his telecellsmartphone in automobile searches Sai. Sai walks in the direction of boy and receives disturbed via way of means of drum sound. Virat notices her. Boy’s mom notices him and takes him away. Sai walks close to pit and feels drowsy. Virat asks mob to prevent track and rushes in the direction of her. Sai recollects her twist of fate and is ready to fall in pit once more while Virat pulls her apart on time and asks why did she get out of automobile on this condition.

She says she desired to test if that boy is fine. He says she can be able to by no means change. Boy’s dad and mom thank Sai for saving their son and tells Virat that he’s fortunate to have the sort of worrying wife. Virat feels glad and thanking mob for his or her persistence asks them to play track once more. He throws kumkum in air and it falls on Sai’s forehead. Boy’s mom says Bappa gave her advantages to be glad always. Sai appears at Virat’s face and stumbles. He lifts her and walks in the direction of automobile searching at her face. Serial’s name song performs withinside the background.

Precap: Virat takes Sai and tells own circle of relatives that Sai is worn-out and have to relaxation now. Ashwini says Sai will live in a separate room alone.


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