Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Virat that even she can be able to now no longer permit him move as he’s her.. He asks what. She stops and attempts to go away. He holds her hand and asks why. She says she can’t see him in hassle. He says even he can’t. She hugs him and says she can’t lose their friendship as he subjects to her a lot. He says he doesn’t recognise wherein their friendship will take them, however he is aware of that she can be an crucial a part of his existence until his ultimate breath; she shouldn’t suppose she made a mistake

through returning to his residence as this belongs to even her, they may be fine buddies for all time and she or he have to pay attention handiest on her studies; they may go to her university and forestall her transfer; she shouldn’t hassle approximately Bhavani’s sour words. Sai says she is satisfied that he didn’t take Bhavani’s order seriously. He jokes and she or he laughs.

Pakhi tells Samrat that she truly desires to take their courting forward. He says the he has to take the primary step. She asks what have to she do then. He receives Mahabaleshwar’s orphanage youngster Virat’s name who informs that their orphanage’s power and water connections are disconnected or even warden is ill. He says he want now no longer fear as he’s going to attain there tomorrow. She thank you god that she can be able to break out from his questions. ..

Samrat asks her to accompany him to orphanage as in line with her desire to take their courting forward. She thinks she have to supply a few excuse and live lower back otherwise Virat and Sai gets extra nearer in her absence. Next morning, Samrat receives geared up and asks Pakhi why is she now no longer but geared up. She says she doesn’t need to hassle him through accompanying him proper now, she can be able to attain him as soon as he settles orphanage issues. He says she acts mature in those situations. She says she can be able to percent his lower back.

Sai and Virat head in the direction of university whilst Bhavani stops them and asks Virat wherein is he taking his wife. Virat says Sai’s university. Bhavani orders Sai that she shouldn’t dance and roam round with buddies hereon as she is a Chavan own circle of relatives bahu now. Sai asks why she modified her surname from Joshi and why her conduct modified suddenly. Bhavani says she cleared her blindfold and found out the situation. Sai says human beings alternate so quickly much like her, then why she expects her now no longer to. Bhavani angrily asks who’s she to touch upon her. Sai says as she stated Chavan own circle of relatives bahu. Sonali walks in and badmouths approximately Sai. Virat says Sai is equal as she appears and now no longer like different Chavan bahus.

Pakhi asks if he approach they may be wrong. He says he didn’t say that. Mansi asks Virat to forestall this dialogue and go to Sai’s university. Sonali says Sai has to do family chores like different bahus. Bhavani backs her. Ashwini says she can be able to end Sai’s work. Bhavani name callings she have to additionally visit university then and says Sai has to analyze her responsibilities. Sai says she has diwali vacation. Bhavani asks if she approach she can be able to now no longer work. Sai asks her to permit her talk and says she can be able to end all her responsibilities at some stage in diwali festival. Bhavani keeps scolding her.

Samrat walks down and informs Bhavani and Mansi that he goes to orphanage as he were given a few crucial work. Mansi asks if he’s going to go back or now no longer. He says he’s going to and says he’s getting overdue for bus. Virat gives him elevate at the manner to Sai’s university. Pakhi says she can be able to additionally accompany to spend a few extra time with Samrat, wondering she can be able to take a look at if Bhavani’s order affected Virat and Sai or now no longer. Samrat thinks she appears satisfied together along with his absence and hopes she doesn’t intrude in Virat and Sai’s lives. They all three drop Samrat in bus stand.

Pakhi tells Sai that she desires to save with Virat until Sai finishes her university work, so Sai can take a seat down in vehicle’s lower back seat. Sai says she want now no longer supply excuses to take a seat down in the front seat. Virat returns. Sai receives excited seeing sweet floss and insists modak/Virat to get it. Virat says they want to go to university. Pakhi feedback that she didn’t apprehend Bhavani’s order of bearing a toddler and nevertheless acts childish. Virat thinks Pakhi is exaggerating the difficulty and is going to get sweet floss. Sai says she became tensed after Bhavani’s order, however Virat comforted her and confident that their friendship is first after which rest. Virat returns and hears her. Pakhi keeps taunting. Sai laughs and says it takes place in movies and now no longer in actual existence.

Virat says they want to wait university. Pakhi receives jealous and sits in lower back seat. They attain university. Virat asks Pakhi to attend in vehicle whilst he and Sai end university formalities. Sai says she is mature sufficient and might cope with matters herself. Pakhi asks if she is k to go away her husband with her. She says she trusts her fine pal extra than herself and is aware of he’s going to now no longer move any limit. Once she leaves, Pakhi thinks she can be able to spoil Sai’s self assurance and make Virat elevate her. She name callings Virat that Sai trusts her immensely. He says yes. She says even she depended on him and married his brother, however he broke her trust. He receives indignant listening to that.

Precap: Pakhi heads in the direction of Virat’s vehicle, meets with a minor accident, and calls Virat for help. Virat lifts her and heads in the direction of vehicle whilst Sai returns from university and notices that.


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