Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai’s college friends ajinkya and different pals go to her to have fun her birthday. Sai thanks them for his or her surprise visit and thank you virat for inviting them. Ajinkya says they came by themselves. Senior chavans yell that goon looking uncultured boys entered their residence uninvited shamelessly. Viraj gets jealous seeing sai talking to ajinjya and others. Ajinkya asks sai approximately her harm. She says she slipped and injured herself. Ajinkya hopes her own family didn’t thoughts them coming at night uninvited. Sai says her family will not and invites them in, says all this ornament is for her and she feels she is the arena’s happiest woman. She introduces her complete family to them. Students want pulkit accurate night and express regret for no longer noticing him. Pulkit says its k and he felt suitable seeing their subject for their pal. Virat appears at watch.

Ashwini says she will deliver them chocolates. Virat stops them. Bhavani yells such a lot of boys came uninvited at night. Shivani asks her to prevent overracting just because she doesn’t have any buddies. Friends make sai cut their delivered cake and feed every other, irking virat more. Sai gives cake to virat and he’s complete after having a lot already. Ajinkya smears sai’s face with cake. Virat warns them to be cautious as sai is injured. Sai says its k. Sonali yells that even she attended college but in no way did any such shameless act. Sai hugs all her buddies and thank you them for coming. Ajinkya clicks their selfies. Bhavani asks virat if ajinkya is the equal boy who danced with sai and competed with him. Virat says sai says he’s her pal. Bhavani asks what does he feel. He says he doesn’t know. Buddies go away. Ashwini asks virat to have ice cream. Viragt says he’s full and goes to his room. Karishma taunts pakhi that sai is fortunate to have one of these loving husband who prepared one of these lavish birthday celebration for her. Pakhi warns her to prevent it and go to her room. In room, virat angrily reminisces sai and ajinkya’s equation.

Sai says she is full with both cake and modak, in reality cake turned into used also as facial. Virat silently seems at her. She asks what happened to him, she noticed he didn’t even have ice cream downstairs. He says even he noticed her, ajinkya and different pals’ jokes, she changed into hugging them and touched his ft acting as sanskari. She respects him and her aaba instructed if they recognize a person, they need to touch their toes to get their precise traits in them. She says she had hugged him in the front of everyone, however he didn’t react. He says elders’ toes are touched. She says he looks older. He asks simply. She makes him sit in front of mirror and says his hair is greying and it proves he’s becoming old. He asks if she wants him to look antique. She says it doesn’t count number as he could be no longer his spouse in the destiny to bother. He asks if now not him, will she end up phajinkya’s wife. She gets angry and asks what does he mean. She says she is so close to phajinkya that he came at night time to wonder her, she thinks he’s antique and doesn’t like him, however he likes her and feels she is special and specific than others.

She says she doesn’t like this shaggy dog story. He says he’s critical and thinks she has trouble along with his the entirety. She says she isn’t as he does so much for him, threw party for her and proficient her a diamond ring. Pakhi passes by means of and forestalls to pay attention their verbal exchange. Virat says at the least she remembered the ring. She says he might have given the ring now rather than giving it in the front of family. He says he will supply it now and asks if he ought to fix it in her finger. She extends her finger and he fixes it in her finger. Pakhi gets jealous given that peeping. Serial’s title tune plays within the background. Sai asks virat if its her birthday gift or something else as he desired to say some thing. He says its now not a birthday gift. She says she can’t accept it if its now not a birthday gift and if its a gift with the aid of husband to his wife as their dating is just a deal and there is no area for a pricey present in it, for this reason she is calling him truely if this ring is her birthday present or something. He controlling his feelings says its a birthday gift and hopes he could tell her that its not just a birthday gift.

Sai thinks why is she announcing this as if it changed into something else, it’d were in pakhi’s finger. He asks if she liked it, she should put on it constantly. She asks if he will take it again, she will put on it usually as he talented it with so much love. He asks no longer to remove it if they fight or if he isn’t in this world. She shuts his mouth. He says each time she returns this ring, everything will give up between them. She asks now not to worry as their relationship will no longer end effortlessly and she or he will visit him repeatedly despite the fact that she leaves this residence. He asks why she talks about leaving the house, he’ll now not meet her again if she does that and he is not a person who looks behind his beyond. Pakhi thinks he in reality doesn’t study his returned as he doesn’t take delivery of his mistakes.

Precap: chavan own family receives tensed while sai doesn’t return at 8 p. M. Virat returns. Pakhi yells she need to be playing with pals. Virat says he is concerned for sai as she took 50000 rs within the morning. Pakhi yells she escaped with 50000 rs.


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