Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Ashwini twists her wrist whilst speaking to Sai. Sai scolds her for being careless and operating tough all of the time and is going to select out balm from her cupboard. She unearths Ashwini’s wedding ceremony album and insists to peer how Ashwini used to appearance while she became young. Ashwini asks if she appears antique now and acts as getting irritated. Sai tests photographs and says she appeared very lovely and baba very good-looking. Ashwini says her pals used to taunt her that she were given a good-looking husband, Ninad whilst published in navy used to jot down her being concerned letters and used to like her plenty, however then through the years the entirety modified. She then suggests Bhavani, Shivani, and Samrat’s pics. Sai asks who’s a small boy. Ashwini says he’s Virat who used to assume they didn’t took her to their wedding ceremony, therefore she constant his picturegraph separately. Sai laughs. Ashwini says her godu/Virat could be very good-looking and Sai loves her. Sai says he is ideal as she were given aayi and a being concerned own circle of relatives due to him, for which she became writhing her entire life. She then asks if she will take this album to her room and watch. Ashwini lets in and asks now no longer to allow her baba recognize approximately it as he hates their marriage and doesn’t need to take into account the events.

Ninad walks in. Sai hides album and asks Ninad if he felt seeing Omkar and Sonali misbehaving with Aayi. Ashwini says why could he as Omkar stated truth. Ninad asks Ashwini if its vital to talk about this in the front of a kid. Sai says she is his DIL/bahu and now no longer a kid. Ninad says she is aware of that he has standard her as his bahu, so he didn’t like his brother insulting his bahu. Sai asks why didn’t he say whatever while his brother pointed at Ashwini. Ninad says his conduct modified in the direction of Sai, however will in no way in the direction of Ashwini. Ashwini feels unhappy listening to that. Sai alternatives album silently and seeing their wedding ceremony card falling notices their anniversary in 2 days and determines to extrade his conduct in the direction of Ashwini soon.

Virat walks to Sai’s room wondering he must communicate to her. Sai additionally thinks of speakme to Virat and visits his room. Shivani visits Sai’s room and listening to a legitimate from washroom thinks Sai is in and says she ordered make-up merchandise for herself, even she must to trap Virat. Virat walks out and asks what became she speaking approximately. Shivani nervously says she ought to have are available in a incorrect room or he shifted right here as he additionally loves Sai like others on this residence. Virat says some others hate Sai and he didn’t like Omkar misbehaving with Sai. Sai rushes in hurriedly and hides album. Shivani asks wherein became she. She says she became ready in modak’s room and says she nicknamed him modak. Shivani jokes and asks if became lacking modak. Sai says she went to his room to are searching for an opinion. Shivani asks Virat became lacking her then. Virat says he got here to talk to Sai. Shivani says they may be so unromantic and too formal. Sai jokes that Shivani ought to be romantic goals and she or he must discover her Mr Special. Shivani says she had located and misplaced him lengthy ago, in any case she can be able to now no longer disturb their romance and walks away. Sai says Bua speaks senselessly.

Virat recalls Sai getting frightened of a lizard and leaping on him. He jokes lizard. She jumps on him afraid. He says lizard is in Mahabaleshwar and she or he jumped on him earlier than he ought to communicate. They each laugh. She says they may be playing friendship, however Bua wishes them to be romantic. He thinks how to tell her that he loves her and doesn’t to lose their friendship looking to specific his love for her. She asks why did he come right here. He asks what opinion she wishes from him. She says she wishes a few right thoughts from him for wedding ceremony anniversary. He recalls her response in Mahabaleshwar and reminding it says she might also additionally get irritated if he discusses this subject matter. She says it became unique state of affairs then, they had been husband and spouse then and now pals. He says fact test displaying wedding ceremony ring and says they may be nonetheless husband and spouse. She says we also are pals hashtag MiMo, she desires to rejoice aayi baba’s wedding ceremony anniversary. He says he noticed his dad and mom snoozing on separate beds when you consider that he became born and that they don’t have any courting even being married, therefore they’ll now no longer like this concept and therefore he doesn’t even desire them. She receives unhappy. He reminds her time and scolds her to haver medicine. She jokes and asks him to offer her wedding ceremony anniversary thoughts. He says she can’t clean the rift among aayi baba even though she desires to. Sai asks if a 3rd man or woman became the motive for his or her rift, else they wouldn’t have separated.
He says her needle stucks at identical subject matter always, she is speaking approximately Pakhi. She says she is now no longer. He says he can see it on her face. She accepts.

On the alternative side, Pakhi over telecellsmartphone informs Vaishali that their residence is at the threshold of breaking due to Sai. Vaishali says it’d be horrific for her if Omkar and Sonali stroll out of Chavan nivas. Pakhi says their presence doesn’t remember to her, there may be much less crowd in the event that they depart as she is sold up in a nuclear own circle of relatives. Vaishali asks to prevent her infantile talk, Karishma works plenty and she or he may be pressured with paintings if she leaves as Ashwini may be busy serving queen Sai. Pakhi frowns that she desires to kick Sai out of residence if she will as she is the motive for all of the problems. She receives tensed seeing Samrat listening to her communique and disconnects call.

Precap: Virat whilst riding vehicle fumes on Sai for her mistake and prevents her. Sai says he simply is aware of to scold her and doesn’t discover her in vehicle.
He calls her and asks to pop out of vehicle as he’s in trouble. She receives tensed.


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