Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi asks Samrat if he nonetheless thinks she loves Virat after doing so much, she will’t agree with it. She says she doesn’t believe his wondering as he’s wrong. Samrat says her denial is waste as her eyes communicate what’s in her mind, he’s quiet simply due to Virat as he doesn’t need to harm his more youthful brother; he don’t understand how he allow her lower back in his existence, a few couple’s coronary heart thrive for a person else’s, he generic his destiny because it came; he’s mature sufficient to apprehend her intentions and she or he must apprehend that she can not again and again intervene in Virat’s existence as her acts aren’t simplest affecting simplest her however additionally others, in particular Sai, he’ll now no longer allow her hassle Sai anymore.

She says he’s concerned approximately Sai and didn’t suppose as soon as that his phrases are hurting her, her existence is shattered like her desires and while she is attempting to don’t forget everything, he isn’t always trusting her. He says he trusts her however now no longer her intentions as her existence revolves round simplest 1 individual and is simply locating a substitute as a scapegoat, she desires to update him with Virat, however he shouldn’t break his own circle of relatives’s happiness and in particular emerge as Sai’s enemy. Pakhi stands taken aback seeing him knowledge her mind.

At sanatorium, Ashwini prays for Sai and Virat’s togetherness and walks away asking Virat to feed meals to Sai. Devi video calls Virat and tells Sai that she can be quality soon, she desired to go to her proper now, however Pulkit advised he’ll take her as soon as Sai receives absolutely well, etc. Sai asks if she must be admitted in sanatorium all the time as he’s usually indignant and spits hearthplace from his mouth at domestic. He asks if she desires to remind again and again that he rudely behaved with her. She says she doesn’t need to speak to him. He smiles and tricking her feeds her meals. She says she is having meals as Aayi organized tasty meals.

Ashwini waits for Dr. Anjali and asks if she will communicate to her. Dr. Anjali takes her to her cabin. Ashwini thank you her for supporting Sai and making her communicate again, even she desires to understand what she spoke to Sai as she desires to understand what’s in Sai’s mind. Dr. Anjali says Sai at a small age suffered plenty, however she may be very sturdy and thinks of others usually. Ashwini says Sai attempts usually to preserve others happy, however she couldn’t hook up with Virat like ordinary husband and spouse does. Dr. Anjali says Dr. Pulkit knowledgeable her that this case is due to Virat’s past. Ashwini says Virat had a past, however desires to flow on; she is aware of her son approach it.

Dr. Anjali says Virat and Sai suggest for every different plenty, however matters aren’t as smooth as they suppose. Ashwini says they combat plenty for small troubles and can not see love for every different. Dr. Anjali says while they are trying to preserve 2 human beings forcefully collectively or pressure them to observe relationship, they suffocate, however while they’re left on their personal, they normalize and their bitterness will vanish in the event that they emerge as pals at least.

Chavan own circle of relatives plays Bappa’s pooja and prays for Sai’s rapid recovery. Ninad hopes Sai returns domestic soon. Sonali tells Omkar that Ninad is praying for his favored bahu. Karishma tells Ninad that he’s praying for Sai’s go back domestic, however she won’t go back domestic. Sonali says even she doesn’t sense so. Pakhi if she had visited sanatorium, she might have visible how Virat become looking after Sai and if he says, Sai will go back domestic. Samrat says its accurate and Sai must go back domestic soon. Omkar in his traditional impolite tone asks why did she run farfar from domestic hiding. Back at sanatorium, Ashwini thank you Dr. Anjali for her help.

Dr. Anjali asks her to take caer of herself and Virat/Sai and is going to wait different patients. Ashwini prays for Virat and Sai again. Dr. Karmarkar assessments Sai and says she is prepared for discharge. Sai asks wherein will she pass after discharge. He says her residence wherein she used to live before. She says its now no longer her residence. Pulkit takes him out to communicate. Virat tells Sai that he is aware of she left Chavan nivas as she doesn’t need to live there, so she will live at Pulkit and Devi’s residence and go to Chavan nivas each time she desires to. Sai says they’re now no longer gambling badminton and her existence isn’t always go back and forth cock, she doesn’t have her personal location at all.

Precap: On the manner domestic, Sai stops vehicle at her twist of fate venue, walks close to pit, and feels drowsy.


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