Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat asks Pakhi to depart if she met Sai. Pakhi receives irritated and says she got here to peer his cherished spouse and he desires her to depart. He says he doesn’t some thing round Sai if you want to get worse her situation, he himself didn’t need to return back right here however got here on Sai’s request, so earlier than Sai’s situation worsens Pakhi ought to leave. Pakhi says he every so often behaves together along with her like a stranger and ought to admire their courting at least. Virat says he recollects and requests her one ultimate time to depart.

She says she will, however can she maintain vegetation right here or throw them in dustbin. Virat factors at vase. She fixes them in vase and asks him to beautify a few in Sai’s hair as he braided her hair a lot love, failing to get expressions on her face. Sai sheds tears again. Virat asks Sai now no longer to reflect onconsideration on everyone and asks her to talk, if she clearly can not communicate or there’s a few different motive. Pakhi returns to Samrat. Pulkit tells Samrat that he’s consulting a psychiatrist for Sai and doesn’t need any man or woman round Sai who doesn’t like Sai, so its higher he’s taking Pakhi from right here. Pakhi receives irritated, however Samrat controls her and takes her away.

At Chavan nivas even as having dinner, Omkar yells his starvation is long past due to Sai. Sonali yells that they’re struggling due to Sai’s drama. Bhavani warns her to have meals silently. Ninad asks Omkar why didn’t Sonali and Karishma go to Sai. Sonali says there have to be a person at domestic to attend to Bappa. Ninad says they are able to move now. Karishma asks at this time? Sonali asks if they’re breaking Bhavani’s policies for Sai.

Omkar yells that Sai is in medical institution and now no longer a celebrity. Ninad says he had false impression concerning Sai earlier than however now has changed, even Omkar has to dispose of his frustration and hatred in the direction of Sai and receive her the manner she is as its top for him and Sai both. He walks away while not having dinner. Shivani warns Omkar to extrade his demeaning thinking. Omkar yells lower back now no longer to train her. Sonali and Karishma begin venting out venom towards Sai. Shivani attempts to close their mouth, however Mansi stops her. Bhavani says one ought to realise their errors and accurate them, its higher even all of them three extrade in any other case they it will likely be awful for them, Sonali’s thick mind will now no longer recognize this small thing. She with Shivani and Mansi walks away. Omkar asks Sonali and Karishma now no longer to extrade their conduct in the direction of Sai and hopes they don’t fall for Sai’s tricks.

Virat falls asleep on Sai’s medical institution room sofa. Sai wakes him up and scolds him him that he’s behaving as though a person died. He appears surprised and receives glad seeing her speakme. Shew says he’s sitting silently even as she is sad. He says he is aware of she didn’t communicate as shew as sad. She says how will she inventory out her anger if he doesn’t communicate to her and says he locked her in room and constantly become irritated on her. He laughs seeing her everyday conduct and says he become afraid seeing her now no longer speakme. She says he’s going to say she blabbers and name callings him a lot. He says he become keen to listen her name callings and asks what she desires to do next. He then wakes up and realizes it become his dream. He sees Sai asleep and thinks he simply desires to listen her voice, Pulkit will deliver a psychiatrist the next day and hopes she begins offevolved speakme again.

Next morning, Virat feeds breakfast to Sai. Pulkit enters together along with his colleague and pal psychiatrist Dr Anjali and asks Sai how is she feeling now, informs that Dr. Anjali is one of the quality psychiatrist in town. Virat asks Sai to have interaction with Dr. Anjali even as he and Pulkit wait outside. Sai holds his hand and doesn’t allow him move. Dr. Anjali says its okay, praises Sai for saving a kid’s existence, and asks motive for her now no longer speakme. Virat asks her to concentrate to Dr. Anjali calmly. Dr. Anjali asks Sai why she doesn’t need to talk, she is aware of approximately her father’s death, her uncommon wedding, and her intellectual traumas; so Sai can communicate out her emotions. Sai cries. Dr. Anjali asks her to vent out all her emotions thru her tears. Sai leaves Virat’s hand. Pulkit takes Virat away. Dr. Anjali asks Sai to talk her coronary heart out thinking about her as a pal, sister, or confidant or can write down at least. Sai writes V.

Precap: Dr. Anjali asks Sai if her Aaba gave her obligation to Virat, why wasn’t she now no longer letting Virat exit of room, does she need Virat in her existence or now no longer. Samrat asks Pakhi if she desires to be with him or now no longer as she nonetheless loves Virat and ought to receive it..


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