Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai drags elder chavans to cut the cake. They hesitate. Virat requests them next. Sai tells sonali that cake is definitely tasty and takes them all close to cake. Virat asks mohit to play ay dil tu laya hai bahar tune and plays with circle of relatives. Ninad sings a track and surprises them. Sai excitedly claps for him. Ninad says its her birthday, then why is she clapping for him. Sai says he’s these days’s rockstar, why didn’t he screen that he sings so well. He says making a song became his hobby and he also wanted to research harmonium, however attempting to attend to family, he sacrificed his dreams. Pulkit says he sings so well with none tune and may win competitions. Omkar says dada used to win many competitions in university. Sonali backs him.

Ninad says he had to attend to youngsters and fulfill his duty. Bhavani says her husband turned into fan of ninad’s voice. Sai says he can pursue his expertise and analyze gambling harmonium. Virat says there’s no age restriction for studying, however this cake has and allow us to light the candles and reduce the cake. Ashwini backs him. Virat says he doesn’t want sai to miss someone and brings aaba’s picture.

Sai receives emotional reminiscing her aaba’s love for her, keeps aaba’s picture subsequent to cake. Harini says she told exact ladies don’t cry, specifically on their birthday. Devi asks sai to smile. Sai thanks whole chavan circle of relatives for giving her the sort of big wonder and says she never notion someone will carry out her this type of lavish birthday after aaba left. Virat gives her tissue paper. She thanks him. He says he advised her to keep her thank you for someday and maintain smiling. Sai says pakhi didi is lacking.

Sonali says pakhi is having headache due to the fact morning and by means of now it must have subsided. Shivani says how will the ache subside when it wasn’t there and name callings bhavani to stop her false helps. Bhavani says pakhi instructed her inside the afternoon approximately her headache. Sai is going to carry pakhi and asks her to come back down as all people are awaiting her. Pakhi yells if she has a hassle if she sits in her own room. Sai asks if some thing occurred.

Pakhi yells if she wants some thing occurred to her. Sai says she didn’t imply that. Pakhi says she is having headache and sai is growing it. Sai worried asks if she implemented balm and searches it. Pakhi yells to stop bothering her and go away. Sunny asks virat why they are calling pakhi. Karishma says its a silence earlier than typhoon. Sonali scolds her. Ashwini asks virat to move and take a look at sai.

Virat says sai should be coming. Sai shows pakhi to get her eye checkup. Sai maintains yelling to hold her clinical know-how to herself and after a long yelling says she wants to prove her greatness. Sai says she didn’t imply that. Pakhi yells she ought to cross down and enjoy virat’s wonder party for her. Sai says she didn’t understand about the wonder and by no means predicted virat to throw a party for her.

Pakhi yells virat could obviously do some thing for her as he loves her and its apparent as she is so stunning, so accurate and is becoming a medical doctor soon. Sai says virat likes her as she were given devi united with her husband, and so on. Pakhi receives adamant and yells at her to leave. Sai says she has to accompany her down and has to listen to birthday call. Pakhi pushes her away irritated announcing she doesn’t need to head everywhere. Sai falls down hitting her head to a table and injures her forehead.

Virat comes to name sai. Pakhi gets tensed that virat will discover that she pushed him down. Virat asks sai how did she collapse and why is she conserving her forehead. Pakhi says sai tired to act smart and insisted her to join her birthday party. Virat insists what took place, pulls sai’s hand and is shocked to peer her forehead bleeding.

Precap: ajinkya with different buddies visits sai’s party. Bhavani says he’s the same boy who danced with sai. Ajinkya smears cake on sai’s face. Virat gets jealous and asks ajinkya to be careful as she is injured. Sai says its okay.


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