Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat requests Sai to have medication to get nicely quickly and asks while will he pay attention her voice as he’s keen to ear Virat sir from her mouth. He says there’s little need of him staying together along with her if she doesn’t have medication, so he’s going to depart. She holds his hand and alerts him to feed her medication. He does and allows her sit. She feels emotional. Ninad receives satisfied seeing their bonding and suggests it to Ashwini. Ashwini prays for his or her togetherness. Mansi tells her that Bappa heard her prayers as Bhavani went to temple and prayed for Sai’s life. Ashwini thank you Bhavani for praying for her bahu. Bhavani says Sai is even her bahu as she considers Virat as her son. Virat braids Sai’s hair and asks her to tell him if she feels pain. Samrat noticing that asks who taught Virat to braid hair. Ashwini says Devi and he used to braid her hair while she used to fall sick. Pakhi burns in jealousy noticing all this. Shivani asks Samrat to analyze braiding hair and braid his wife’s hair. Pakhi asks if she needs her to fall sick like Sai. Samrat says Shivani didn’t imply it and turned into seeking to loosen up the environment. Shivani asks why did she come here, is it to affect Samrat. Pakhi replies its now no longer in her nature, perhaps its Shivani’s nature to affect others; she stopped at the manner and taken plant life for Sai, thinks she can be able to hold this bouquet among Virat and Sai to cause them to sense her presence there and assume they may be now no longer alone.

Virat persevering with to braid Sai’s hair and says Devi taught him to braid aayi/Ashwini’s hair as aayi used to inform if she had a daughter, she could have braided her hair. Sai cries remembering her Aaba braiding her hair. Virat asks if his presence is troubling her or she didn’t like him braiding her hair, he’s going to exit if she doesn’t like his unsightly face. She holds his hand. Pakhi tells own circle of relatives that she introduced plant life to make Sai sense better. Ninad says she did proper, Sai is precise and tough to understand, all of them made a mistake of false impression Sai. Shivani says its proper he found out his mistake, its take braveness to comprehend mistake and be given it, and she or he is happy with him. Ashwini asks if Sai spoke. Samrat says now no longer yet. Shivani asks if she purposefully doesn’t need to talk. Samrat says he’s going to discover and asks all of them to depart as its late. Pakhi says she can be able to live again with Samrat and go back domestic with him. Omkar rudely says then shall we cross and forcefully takes them away.

Virat asks Sai if she remembered Kamal sir seeing him braid her hair and clicking % says he didn’t braid it that bad. Samrat asks Pakhi to fulfill Sai as she might also additionally sense proper seeing one extra own circle of relatives member, even nurse won’t be having any hassle. Pakhi thinks she has a hassle aleven though seeing Sai and Virat collectively and could disrupt their lonely moments. Samrat then meets Pulkit and Dr. Karmarkar and asks why Sai isn’t talking yet. Dr. Karmarkar says its a mental trouble and that they want to seek advice from a psychiatrist. Samrat asks if its concerning. Pulkit says it is, Sai after stricken by emotional trauma with the aid of using Chavans has were given a intellectual blockage and is not able to talk, he’s going to seek advice from quality psychiatrist for Sai and could make certain she receives nicely quickly. Samrat says he doesn’t doubt Pulkit’s credibility, however what if she doesn’t talk. Pulkit says h e will do anything he can for Sai as she is like his sister, she is a fighter and a sturdy woman who usually supported others. Samrat says even he feels same.

Virt attempts to depart once more. Sai holds his hand once more and cries once more. He asks her to talk. Pakhi enters and stands jealous seeing them keeping every other’s hands. Sai attracts her hand again. Virat holds it once more and asks why did she depart his hand. Pakhi acts as smiling and the way is Sai. Sai doesn’t react. Pakhi scoffs that Sai wished nutrition V/Virat and therefore she is getting better, Virat ultimately met Sai. Virat says even she got here to fulfill Sai. Pakhi says Sai is extra satisfied seeing him instead. He asks if she got here to look Sai or. She says of path or even him as he hasn’t lower back domestic on the grounds that Sai is admitted and is hungry. He asks if she got here to recognise approximately him or Sai. She says Sai, however on the grounds that he’s here, she is looking him. Virat says every body is aware of his condition. She says she simply requested out of concern. He says if she has met Sai, she will depart.

Precap: Sai asks Virat if he thinks she can be able to now no longer talk, he’s wrong; she can be able to talk and vent out her anger on him. He says he’s satisfied that she is talking once more, he simply desired to pay attention her voice.


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