Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ninad emotionally pleads Sai to have a take a observe her baba/father as soon as. Sai appears at the opposite side. Samrat says Sai is getting emotional seeing all of them and for the reason that many human beings aren’t allowed here, they ought to move. Omkar rudely says they ought to move then. Bhavani asks Sai to get nicely quickly and go back domestic. Shivani says with Bhavani’s prayers, Sai will go back domestic quickly. Sunny brings coconut water for Virat, however Virat asks nurse too feed it to Sai. Nurse takes it to Sai’s room and seeing crowd asks what are such a lot of human beings doing. Ninad explains that he took Dr. Pulkit’s permission as Sai’s elders desired to peer her, asks her to feed coconut water to Sai. Nurse attempts to feed Sai, however Sai turns her face. Bhavani requests her to have it for his or her sake. Samrat says if she desires to go back to university quickly, she ought to have food. Ninad asks whilst will Sai get discharge. Samrat says he doesn’t recognise and is tensed seeing her now no longer talking, he thinks they ought to permit her relaxation. Shivani emotionally says Sai will talk quickly. Mansi says she can be able to contend with Sai as soon as she returns domestic and could warn Pakhi now no longer to talk sour with her, Sai will see a non violent surroundings as soon as she returns domestic. Bhavani additionally promises. Ninad says she ought to go back quickly and unfold happiness once more. Sai doesn’t react.

Virat looking from window walks in. Nurse says Sai isn’t always consuming coconut water, however may also get emotional once more seeing him. He says permit him try. She agrees. Samrat takes every person out and watches from outside. Virat gives coconut water to Sai, however she turns her face and cries. He says he is aware of she is indignant on him however not able to vent it out on him, so she ought to store her anger for later and feature coconut water. He acts as talking to Kamal sir and mimics him that Sai by no means disobeys him and knows handiest a language of love. Sai receives cries extra hugging him listening to him talking her Aaba’s dialogues. He says her Aaba might have carried out equal if he become here, she ought to have it at the least for her Aaba. She notices him feeling weak. Sunny enters and says Virat is hungry for the reason that long, so she ought to inform him to attend to himself additionally. Sai indicators Virat to have it first. He sips a few and feeds her. Family receives glad seeing them feeding every other.

Pulkit returns. Ninad asks him to tell what’s Sai’s genuine status. Pulkit says her situation is higher than before, however they can’t be too sure. Shivani says Sai is not able to talk. He says Sai desires relaxation and seeing Virat in says at ultimate Virat went to fulfill Sai. Samrat says Virat didn’t need to, however he insisted him; Sai didn’t need to have coconut water however is having on Virat’s insistence. Pulkit says Sunny become proper that Sai blinked her eyes to fulfill Virat, they ought to do some thing continues Sai glad. Shivani requests Ninad and others to act with Sai as soon as she returns domestic and now no longer to copy their impolite conduct once more. Ninad agrees. Pulkit says he desired Virat to fulfill Sai however become checking out him, now there might be a lot issues among Sai and Virat. Shivani says now no longer even one. They all thank god seeing Virat and Sai’s bonding.

Pakhi enters and receives jealous seeing Virat in Sai’s room; thinks Virat promised now no longer to go to Sai, then what happened, why are elders getting glad seeing Sai and Virat together. Virat thank you Sai for having coconut water on his request and requests her to have remedy additionally. She indicators its sour. He says its now no longer bloodless drink and she or he ought to have remedy to get nicely; says he’ll take her to Gadchiroli if she desires to; then apologizes if she is angry together along with his blabber and says he can be round her if she desires to.

Precap: Sai asks Virat if he thinks she can be able to now no longer talk, he’s wrong; she can be able to talk and vent out her anger on him. He says he’s glad that she is talking once more.


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