Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat makes sai’s birthday arrangements. Devi’s own family visits and fortunately meets every member of the family. Virat over telephone asks sunny not to forget bringing the cake. Harini asks if he ordered cake similar to her birthday cake for sai mami.

Virat says yes as sai is also a princess like her. Ninad laughs and says if sai is princess, he’s a king akbar the excellent. Bhavani and different puppets snicker. Mohit scolds karishma. Devi suggests her introduced presents to virat and asks how are they.

Virat says very quality and sai will love it. Puppets fume listening to that. Inside the nighttime, circle of relatives receives geared up for birthday and watch for sai. Sonali yells sai is taking to tons time. Mansi says she ought to be happy that she were given one extra danger to get prepared. Ashwini asks virat to call sai. Virat says she will be able to get alert if he calls her and describes how he acted remaining night and in the morning. Ashwini laughs. Shivani says virat knows that sai likes surprises.

Ashwini says whose coronary heart is natural like a kid’s will constantly be glad. Sonali yells that they spent plenty due to sai’s birthday. Bhavani says if she knew they would incur such a lot of expenses, she might have cooked food these days. Ashwini says bhavani prepares tasty meals.

Pulkit backs her and requests to put together a dish a few day or at the least on virat’s birthday. Devi insists bhavani to react on pulkit’s demand as he’s her husband.

Pulkit calms her down. Shivani says pakhi is missing. Sonali says she is having a headache, so she is resting in her room. Shivani says she is just appearing. Ninad yells at her assisting pakhi. Virat requests them to calm down and no longer damage sai’s birthday. Harini informs that sai is coming.

They all hurriedly switch off light. Sai enters and seeing the residence dark calls ashwini and absolutely everyone. Mild specializes in her after which virat who sings a birthday track for her accompanied by using entire own family becoming a member of him, singing and dancing. Pakhi receives jealous watching that from her room window. Sai receives emotional seeing that and asks if he remembered her birthday.

He asks if she notion most effective she will give surprises. Each member of the family wish her glad with youngsters shaking fingers and elders blessing her. Sai fortunately hugs bhavani. After blessing rudely, ninad tells bhavani they must depart. Virat requests to live again for some greater time. Harini asks sai if she favored the wonder. Sai says she can’t believe.

Devi jokes to close her mouth otherwise a fly will enter it. All and sundry chortle. Devi asks sai to touch her ft as she is elder than her. Sai touches her toes. Devi gives her long benefits and hugs her. Sai then tells own family that they have been making plans her birthday inside the morning.

Ashwini says sure and she couldn’t want her due to virat’s warning. Sai thanks virat after which thanks anybody for remembering her birthday. Bhavani says they didn’t . Sonali rudely and backs bhavani. Virat says sai has one more huge wonder and takes her blindfolded. Pakhi burns in jealousy considering.

Precap: sai requests pakhi to come down as all and sundry are watching for cake cutting. Pakhi says she doesn’t to. Sai holds her saying she has to listen to birthday girl. Pakhi pushes her hand back. Sai falls on table and injures her forehead. Virat comes to name sai and sees her injured.


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