Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

At health facility, Samrat brings Sai’s drug treatments and offers them to Pulkit. Pulkit says those drug treatments have been hard to get and palms them over to nurse He says he’s going to pass domestic and go back in sometime, Dr Karmark is right here to attend to Sai until then and to tell him if there’s an emergency. Samrat asks him now no longer to fear as he’s with Sai or even Virat is right here. Pulkit leaves. Samrat walks to Virat and asks if he met Sai. Virat nods no. Samrat says he can recognize that Virat couldn’t accumulate braveness seeing Sai’s situation. Virat says he misplaced a proper of seeing Sai. Samrat says husband and spouse courting isn’t always a tumbler piece to break, his and Sai’s courting is intact. Ashwini cries seeing Sai’s situation now no longer improving. Samrat asks her be brave as physician gave new drug treatments and their impact might be visible quickly.

Ashwini receives satisfied seeing Sai starting her eyes. Samrat asks how is she feeling, and Ashwini asks if she is quality. Sai appears at door. Samrat asks if she is looking someone. Sai blinks eyes. Ashwini says Sai is not able to talk because of weak spot and is looking someone, she will be able to blink her eyes to her questions; asks if she is looking Virat and desires to meet her. Sai blinks eyes. Ashwini receives satisfied and says she can be able to name Virat. Samrat says Virat doesn’t need to fulfill Sai in ICU. Ashwini says Virat doesn’t need to problem Sai.

She walks to Virat and says its time to fulfill someone whom he’s praying for. Virat says he can’t. She asks if he thinks Sai doesn’t need to look his face, Sai herself desires to meet him. He asks is it. Samrat says while Ashwini requested Sai if she desires to meet Virat, she blinked her eyes and her eyes are looking best him. Virat receives emotional and asks what if his go to harms her. Ashwini asks to go away it on god allows him get up. He feels drowsy. She sends him to Sai’s room. Samrat hopes their selection is proper.

Virat enters Sai’s room with teary eyes and asks how is she, can she pay attention him. She blinks her eyes. He says aayi advised she is looking him, become she truely looking him. She blinks eyes once more and cries. He holds her hand and asks her now no longer to talk as he understood everything. He wipes her tears and requests now no longer to cry as not anything is treasured on this international for her to shed tears, specifically him; she isn’t always made to undergo pain. Sai’s situation deteriorates and crucial signal display beeps. He calls sister. Sister enters and corrects connection. Sai holds Virat’s hand tightly. Nurse says she is aware of he’s praying for her sitting out of doors, she appears to be extra emotional seeing him, so its higher her waits out of doors and allow her rest. Virat says she might be quality and walks away. Nurse tells Sai that she must be satisfied to have a being concerned husband as her husband become crying for her sitting out of doors and praying for her.

Bhavani with Ninad, Mansi, Shivani, and Mansi reaches health facility and asks Samrat approximately Sai’s situation. He says higher than before, however they must hold silence. Omkar rudely says he advised now no longer to go to health facility, however no person listens to him. Bhavani says she desires to maintain pooja prasad and plant life close to Sai. Samrat takes them to Sai’s ICU room. Sai opens eyes and appears at them. Samrat asks how is she feeling, anyone got here to fulfill her. Bhavani asks why did she go away residence with out acting pooja and cries seeing her situation. Ninad asks if she is irritated on her antique FIL and could she now no longer go back domestic with them. Omkar once more in a impolite tone asks why she run from domestic and stricken them.

Mansi and Ninad prevent him. Ninad receives emotional nwext and asks her to talk to him. Bhavani says she went to temple and prayed for her health, she wishes her to get properly quickly and go back domestic. Shivani says best physician can say while can Sai go back domestic. Mansi says some own circle of relatives individuals hate her, however closing own circle of relatives individuals love her immensely and need her returned among them. Samrat says she want now no longer strive to talk and informs that she is not able to talk because of weak spot. Mansi asks if she misplaced her voice. Bhavani asks to talk auspicious. Ninad pleads Sai to name him baba. Sai simply appears at him.

Ninad asks Samrat why Virat didn’t come in. Samrat says he purposefully is staying farfar from Sai. Bhavani asks if he doesn’t understand what Devi advised. Samrat says Virat is aware of, in truth he met Sai a couple of minutes in the past and her situation deteriorated, so nurse requested him to take a seat down out of doors. Ninad says each time he performs harmonium and sings, he recalls the instant while she talented harmonium to him; she must go back domestic quickly otherwise it’d be hard for him to play harmonium, he found out her cost and could by no means allow her pass farfar from him, and pleads to have a take a observe her baba once. Sai appears on the opposite side. Ninad, Mansi, and Bhavani get extra emotional even as Omkar frowns.

Precap: Virat gives coconut water to Sai and mimicking Kamal says he’s keen to pay attention Virat sir from Sai’s mouth.


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