Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Bhavani opens the entryway enthusiastically thinking Sai and Virat came and stands strained seeing visitors all things considered. Visitors inquire as to whether she won’t invite them in. Bhavani invites them in and presents them as Survarna and Arthi who handle their area’s sanctuary panel. Suvarna says they simply work under her. oversight. Karishma says she has met them previously. Suvarna calls her Kanika and asks how is she. Karishma says she goes by Karishma. Suvarna gets some information about her others bahus and requests that she serve her some water. Pakhi inquires as to whether she gets a kick out of the chance to have cold or ordinary water. Suvarna says old water blended in with ordinary. Pakhi says its alright in the event that she gets sore throat as Chavan family’s senior bahu is a specialist and will do her treatment for nothing. Arti gets some information about Virat’s better half and inquires as to whether the present program is for her. Bhavani gestures yes.

Sai gets going in playing out a patient’s conveyance. Bhavani indignantly asks Ashwini when will Sai come and says she committed an error by getting sorted out the program, Sai disheartened her once more, and so on. Pakhi strolls to her and says visitors are requesting aam panna juice, so will she serve her pre-arranged squeeze or will hang tight for Sai. Bhavani requests that she serve her pre-arranged juice. Pakhi requests that she taste it first. Bhavani tastes it and says its benefit. Pakhi while fill juice glasses insults Ashwini that Sai herself hit her foot on the hatchet and doesn’t merit regard. Ashwini cautions her to fret over her self confidence first and serve the juice to visitors. Pakhi leaves glaring.

Sai prevails with regards to playing out the patient’s conveyance and illuminates the patient’s better half its a kid. Spouse expresses gratitude toward her. Nurture says Sai performed first conveyance with care, even she will be disappointed as she becomes acclimated to. Dr. Thurat acclaims Sai for her great presentation on her most memorable day of temporary position and as a prize allows her 24-hour shift obligation. Sai inquires as to why he is rebuffing her even in the wake of getting done with her job. He says she can leave or, in all likelihood her better half’s vehicle will find rust sitting tight for her. Sai cautions him not to offer individual remarks on her. He says he would have rather not, yet she attempted to oversmart him by addressing her significant other by means of the patient’s better half’s telephone. Sai attempts to make sense of that her significant other was incidentally present there when the patient’s better half was calling the patient. Thurat doesn’t trust her and cautions to give her the hardest tasks among understudies.

Bhavani’s visitors insult her when Sai doesn’t return on time. Sonali incites Bhavani that Sai demolished Bhavani and Chavan family’s pride. Visitors say they will go now as Bhavani’s bahu may not come. Bhavani demands them to stand by as her bahu probably stranded in rush hour gridlock. Pakhi serves gifts to visitors to redirect their consideration. Bhavani goes about as conversing with Virat over telephone and inquires as to whether vehicle got penetrated. Suvarna requests that she quit going about as she can get her untruths and insults assuming her babu ventured out from home once more. All visitors keep on embarrassing Bhavani and leave. Pakhi insults Bhavani for the disappointment of her capacity and requests that she congratulate Sai when she returns. Bhavani says she will rebuff Sai when she gets back.

Sai hurries to Virat and says they ought to return home soon as they are late. She sees him wearing a shoulder sling and inquires as to whether he is harmed. He says he isn’t and is figuring what to mislead Bhavani now. Sai inquires as to whether he will deceive Bhavani in the future and says it would have been exceptional in the event that he had informed Bhavani about her temporary position. He inquires as to whether she is not kidding. Shivani calls him and request that he return home with a strong explanation as Bhavani is extremely furious. Virat wears an arm sling and says he will lie that he met with a mishap. Sai inquires as to whether he will lie even today. Virat requests that she be reasonable and drives home. Familiy gets strained seeing Virat’s arm sling. Karishma says Virat is harmed. Virat says he got injured while replacing vehicle’s many tires cut and couldn’t welcome Sai on time. Bhavani feels worried for him. Pakhi shouts at Sai for not illuminating them about Virat’s physical issue. Ashwni backs Pakhi.

Sai says she didn’t illuminate them as she isn’t a liar, Virat isn’t do any harm. Bhavani inquires as to for what reason is Virat saying this. Sai says Virat needed to conceal truth and uncovers that they were late as it was a first day of his temporary position. Family stands stunned hearing that. Sai says its the last advance of satisfying her fantasy about turning into a specialist. Sonali and Karishma smile sharing that. Bhavani asks Virat when it was concluded that Sai won’t turn into a specialist, then where is an issue of the temporary job; what is Sai talking about. Virat says she said truth.

The episode closes.


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