Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat acts as indignant on sai and asks shivani if they’re all indignant on sai or now not. Shivani backs her. Pakhi feedback she idea handiest mohit is an actor on this residence, but entire circle of relatives is. Virat stops her and murmurs no longer to wreck his plan. Karishma murmurs next. Sai asks what are they discussing about, asks ashwini if she will be able to prepare unique dishes the following day, she got anxious seeing them speakme about her.

Sonali yells if she also gets nervous. Sai says she is likewise a human. Ashwini asks why she needs unique dishes the next day as menu is already determined, perhaps after 2-3 day she will be able to prepare unique dishes. Sai walks away sadly.

Virat excitedly hugs ashwini and thanks her for her performing. Within the night, virat over phone describes sunny approximately his marvel party plan for sai and taking own family’s help, feeling precise that he’s with sai for the first time on her birthday, and keen to desire at 12 with a present. Sunny likes his idea.

Sai receives excited hoping virat is making plans to desire her birthday at 12 and hopes he recalls her birthday. Sunny asks virat what’s wondering. Virat says he desires to kneel down with a gift and tell sai.. Sai walks to him and asks what is he doing here. He hides gift and says he’s stretching even as talking to dig sir.

He sees 12 ticking and says he needs to sleep now as he has work inside the morning. Sai feels sad questioning virat doesn’t take into account her birthday. He needs her satisfied birthday in coronary heart, acts feeling sleeping, and hides present below his pillow.

Sai excitedly looks at him. He needs her exact night time and acts as sleeping. Sai calls him unfortunately, but he acts as loud night breathing. Sai lamentably thinks he didn’t even trouble to desire her on her birthday and selecting her aaba’s photograph thinks he used to wish her at 12 on her every birthday, but no person bothers on this house or even usha have become like them residing on this house, she misses her aaba and knows he would be blessing her from anyplace he’s. Virat in mind promises to make sai’s birthday her life’s fine birthday. Sai thinks he is khadoos jasoos. Subsequent morning, sai comes out of lavatory after bathtub and sees virat still napping.

She sprinkles water from her hair, but he turns his lower back. She thinks he’s napping like a kumbukaran and he or she is already geared up, he doesn’t even hassle to wake up and wish her happy birthday. She blows warm air on him from hair dryer in lieu of drying her hair, however he sleeps overlaying his head with a pillow. She then tries various things and fumes. He wakes up and asks why is she worrying him early morning.

She angrily says he ought to wake up early as a minimum nowadays. He asks for what. She says she goes out and thinks no one on this house are stricken about her, even virat. He asks in which is she going. She says temple. He asks why. She asks if he have become so spiritual all at once.

She says she can pray god for his correct judgment of right and wrong. He thank you her and asks if she will now not get late for university if she visits temple.

She says she is thinking of skipping 1-2 early lectures and return home early. He excitedly asks if she virtually desires to skip lectures, is she making plans self-research. She receives greater angry, then asks whilst is his birthday. He asks if she is planning to have fun.

She asks if he is a superstar. He laughs and he in no way said that, but humans think so; asks why is she asking about her birthday. She thinks so that he can wish her. He asks when is her birthday. She thinks subsequently he requested. He says we could forget it and is going again to sleep. Sai says her aaba used to celebrate her birthday lavishly for 3-4 days. He says aaba might as she is his lonely daughter.

She receives indignant and says he spoilt her mood. He says its his week off nowadays and he or she spoilt his sleep. She fumes greater and leaves. He thinks she is going out indignant and hopes she could be very satisfied seeing his surprise.

Precap: sai requests pakhi to come down as all and sundry are looking ahead to cake reducing. Pakhi says she doesn’t to. Sai holds her saying she has to listen to birthday female. Pakhi pushes her hand lower back. Sai falls on desk and injures her forehead. Virat comes to name sai and sees her injured.


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