Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat notices sai’s sad face and asks if she is involved for virat. Sai says she just desires to recognise if virat is secure. Bhavani scolds her to suppose true. Mansi says she will be able to understand sai’s feeling as she changed into worried for samrat and was hoping he returned domestic soon, sai additionally wishes virat to return domestic safe, she need not worry and should assume precise. Sai says she is making an attempt, but her questioning isn’t underneath her control and she is feeling uneasy.

Samrat asks her to call dig. Pakhi says virat become indignant while she sai contacted dig last time. Samrat says its k, allow her relax first, and asks sai to name dig. She calls police station and finds out that whole group lower back except virat. She receives extra worried listening to that. Samrat says virat have to have got extra clue approximately his mission and as a result went alone to find out extra details.

Shruti returns to her base camp. Her aides query why did she spare virat who killed sada. Shruti says he wanted to inform her sada’s remaining words. They ask why didn’t he tell in front of them, she betrayed them and they’ll no longer follow her orders. She says if she desired to betray them, she wouldn’t have married sada and lived a fugitive existence. They warn that they may kill virat if he comes right here.

Shruti cries wondering why sada left her so quickly, if he clearly mentioned about their unborn child sahas which they simplest two know about, does he want her to go away the whole lot and move some distance far from her undertaking, and many others. Virat meets shruti at night in a jungle as promised. Shruti asks him to talk slowly in any other case his crew will listen and kill him. She asks if he virtually was sada’s pal. He says they have been university pals and explains the complete story in element. She asks how did he feel while sada pointed gun at him.

He asks what sort of a question is that this. She asks to just respond. He says not anything as he didn’t sense chance for his lifestyles and asks if she wants to come with him or now not. She says her her organization is considering her as a traitor and might kill her, but she thinks of accompanying him for the sake of her infant. Her crew finds her lacking and thinks something is wrong. Their argument ensues. He asks why she has problems trusting her and asks if she will be able to include him or now not. She stands silent. He counts till 10 and walks away asking her to take care of her and her baby. She stops him and accompanies him. Her team searches her.

They each conceal and the escape from jungle. He then takes her to a eating place wherein she sits crying while not having food. He asks her to forestall crying and eat meals for her baby’s sake, they may attain nagpur soon. She says she knows as she visited her relative’s house at nagpur. He says there must be some expensive one together with her in this circumstance as sada’s reminiscences will hang-out her. She says she just is worried for her child and asks in which will he preserve her in nagpur.

Precap: virat takes shruti to a resort and says she will be able to live here normally. She asks if he’ll leave her alone right here. He says no. Sai thinks she desires to ask virat if he loves her like a wife. Receptionist asks virat his and his spouse’s call and he says mr and mrs chavan..


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