Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai involved for Virat calls him, however he isn’t always reachable. She watches a nightmare of Virat being shot in his head and wakes up calling him. Ashwini rushes to her and comforts her. Virat searches Shruti’s vicinity with Sada’s given map. Shruti’s aides tell he’s the only who shot Sada and try and shoot him. She stops them, walks in the front of Virat, and factors gun at him for killing Sada. Her crew joins her pointing weapons at Virat. She vents out her anger for killing Sada and asks approximately Sada’s frame. Police takes Sada’s frame to police station. DIG asks Surve approximately Virat. Surve says Virat dropped down no the manner and his telecellsmartphone isn’t always reachable. DIG says he desires to supply credit score of mission’s achievement to Virat, Virat have to be in deep sorrow after dropping his buddy. He lets in Surve to take Sada’s useless frame for postmortem. Surve unearths Sada’s useless frame missing.

Sai describes her nightmare to Ashwini and prays god that she can be able to speedy for three days if Virat returns domestic secure. Back in jungle, Virat informs Shruti that Sada’s frame is taken for postmortem. Shruti cries. Aides tell that Virat placed his gun down in the beginning however then shot Sada later. Virat says Sada instructed her some thing earlier than he died and he desires to speak about it most effective with Shruti. Aides ask him to talk in the front of them. Virat continues his gun down. Shruti sends her aides. Virat says Sada is his college’s great buddy who desired to extrade the society, however he didn’t recognise Sada might take this path; he knowledgeable approximately his pregnant spouse and asked him to assist her get their infant withinside the world. Shruti says if he cooked up this tale simply now. Virat says he desired her and Sahas to shift in a secure place. She asks how does he recognise approximately their infant name. Virat says Sada instructed him and requests her to determine with the aid of using night whilst he’s going to go back unarmed, she will be able to shoot him if she doubts him a bit. Shruti stands crying. He leaves.

Sai cries and prays god to shield Virat. Bhavani says she is a policeman’s daughter and IPS officer’s spouse, so she can’t get vulnerable and shed tears. Sai says losing tears isn’t always a signal of weakness, its a spouse’s manner to expose challenge for her husband and Bhavani can’t prevent her. Ashwini thinks as soon as Virat returns, Sai will be given him as husband.

Precap: Sai calls Virat’s crew who informs that Virat is missing. She prays for his secure go back. Virat takes Shruti to health facility and introduces themselves as Mr and Mrs Chavan..


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