Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashwini walks into Sai’s ICU room and shatters seeing her situation and cries vigorously. Pakhi walks to cafeteria questioning Virat didn’t have whatever considering that morning and his fitness will go to pot if he continues. She buys 2 inexperienced tea and turns while she sees Samrat who asks whom she is speakme this for. She says for him and asks him to sit. He says Devi’s situation is terrible seeing Sai’s situation.

Pakhi says Devi is near Sai, thank right blood is arranged, he’s jogging round considering that morning and as a result she offered inexperienced tea for him. He says even he cares for Sai, however isn’t like Virat to cry in the front of all of us. She says all of us’s manner of expressing feelings isn’t identical like five arms aren’t identical. He asks if she likes inexperienced tea. She receives worried and asks if he doesn’t like it. He says its right for fitness, however she typically liquids coffee. She says she didn’t like inexperienced tea earlier than however now likes it, thinks due to the fact Virat likes inexperienced tea.

Pulkit tells Virat that he’s going to allow him to go to Sai as he doesn’t need any drama in medical institution and if he creates any drama, he’s going to ask medical institution workforce to kick him out; he’s concerned for Sai and desires non violent surroundings for her recovery, he’s going to now no longer allow him wreck peace; Sai’s pricey ones who take care of her can go to Sai even as he and his unique buddy can revel in a talk in ready area. Virat says sufficient of insulting him and intervening in his private life; this time its now no longer his mistake, even then he doesn’t need to hassle he and meet her.

Pulkit amazed asks if he’s sure. Virat says he desires to, however if Sai doesn’t need to, he’s going to now no longer; he simply want Pulkit to present Sai’s replace regularly. Pulkit says he’s going to now no longer prevent him, however wishes him to assume why Sai meets with such terrible accidents. Virat says he doesn’t understand why there are variations among him and Sai, however he is aware of that Sai doesn’t need to be round him and determined to depart house. Pulkit recalls Sai’s phrases and says he attempted to persuade Sai to live in Nagpur itself and lease a house, however she doesn’t need Chavan own circle of relatives to be blamed.

Pakhi returns domestic. Ninad asks how is Sai and if there’s any development in her situation. She says she is higher however nevertheless unconscious. Ninad says he desired to go to medical institution, however Samrat stopped him. Pakhi says Samrat is right. Mansi hopes to go to Sai. Pakhi repeats its of little need as Sai remains unconscious.

Ninad asks if she is out of danger. Pakhi says she doesn’t have solution for that. Shivani notices her and asks why did she go back domestic while others are nevertheless in medical institution. Pakhi says simply to reveal that she cares for Sai, she can not live in medical institution; anyhow Sai will now no longer consider her. Mansi says she is an elder bahu and have to take all of us along. Pakhi says she didn’t understand she could get this prize to live at medical institution complete day. Shivani asks if she desires a prize now. Pakhi asks why did she come from medical institution then. Shivani says she got here right here to take Ashwini’s garments and meals for others and turned into leaving for medical institution, she got here domestic questioning Pakhi is there, however she is least troubled and didn’t even console Devi while she turned into crying.

Pakhi says Devi insulted her, however she didn’t respond or complained towards her to anyone; she didn’t pressure Sai to depart domestic or push her in a pit, then why she is blamed. Sonali asks her to relax and asks Shivani now no longer in charge Pakhi. Shivani asks while she is getting a lot angry, why did she go to medical institution; if its to construct an awesome photo in the front of Virat; reality is she doesn’t take care of Sai. Pakhi says Shivani can assume something she desires to, however it’s going to now no longer have an effect on her. Omkar yells at Shivani to prevent venting out her frustration on harmless Pakhi. Ninad says he have to visit medical institution. Shivani says while he were given such a lot of opportunities, he misplaced it because of his vanity and beneathneath some people’s influence. Mansi stops her. Ninad says Bhavani desired to go to medical institution, Pakhi have to pass and make contact with her down.

Virat tells Pulkit that his own circle of relatives by no means reputable Sai, however Sai ordinary his own circle of relatives and sacrificed a lot, he can sacrifice a piece for Sai though; Sai is already in hassle and he can not hassle her greater with the aid of using displaying his face to her. Pulkit says he’s amazed together along with his decision, however its right. Virat asks what if some thing takes place to Sai seeing him. Ashwini walks to them and says Sai is in deep hassle and she or he is critically injured,

Virat have to pass and notice her forgetting his variations with Sai. He says he doesn’t need to. She asks why. Pulkit says Sai used to speak about the whole thing with him and he concluded that Pakhi is the cause for Sai and Virat’s variations; asks why Pakhi remains round Virat while her husband has returned, she interfered among Virat and Devi while Devi desired to inform Virat approximately Sai’s departure plan. Virat says Pakhi’s acts aren’t beneathneath his control, he simply wishes Sai to get nicely and could live farfar from her for that. Ashwini insists her to have a take a observe her from out of doors and take him out of doors Sai’s ICU room. Virat seems at her through glass door and cries remembering their right times. Serial’s name tracks performs withinside the background.

Precap: Ashwini says its time to satisfy someone whom he’s praying for. He says he doesn’t need to. She says Sai herself desires to meet him. Samrat says Sai can not speak, however while Ashwini asks if she desires to meet Virat, she blinked her eyelashes. Virat walks to Sai and asks if she desired to satisfy him. She blinks yes. He thinks if she misplaced her memory.


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