Ghar Ek Mandir

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Maharaji asks Babaji to swear on Bhagwat Gita and inform every person he by no means had greed in the back of yhis pooja and consider mendacity is greater sin then greed and you’ve got executed such a lot of Pooja and given lot of cash and gold and didn’t you want it that these days Goddess changed into glad simply with a lotus. Babaji speechless, he seems at Maharaji and sees divine rays in the back of him and joins his palms and says I am sorry I changed into greedy, and I actually have executed many pooja however these days it changed into different, it changed into authentic that my greed changed into the cause in the back of the doorways now no longer establishing, and Genda’s authentic and natural devotion made God glad and these days I noticed God simply needs authentic devotion and now no longer cash or gold, I am sorry Genda these days you proved what God sincerely needs and Kundan you’re so fortunate to have Genda as daughter in law, you want no pooja, due to the fact you’ve got got Mahalakshmi to your domestic, and Maharaji Thank you for establishing my eyes and leaves.

Varun seems at Genda and smiles. Agarwals domestic Anuradha says Babaji left who will do Kalash sthapana, Maharaji says I will, I spent my time with a Knowledgeable Pandit so I understand this too. Nisha thinks he is aware of the whole lot he’s all rounder. Maharaji asks who will do Pooja, Nisha steps ahead, Kundan says Varun and Genda come, Varun very glad. Nisha thinks first Pooja in temple and now Kalash, why am I right here now, if she has to do the whole lot I had been doing until now.
Varun takes his seat, Genda hesitates and appears at Nisha. Anuradha says Manish and Nisha are elder, they need to do pooja, Genda says sure Bhabhi and Bhaiya need to do it, you’re elder in age and relation, we can adore it and Papaji you inform please, Kundan says okay. Varun feels awful thinks she didn’t even inquire from me as soon as earlier than pronouncing this.

Manish and Nisha do Kalash Sthapna. Maharaji asks Nisha to feature a few greater water to soil and tells significance of Kalash Sthapna and why it need to be watered. Maharaji does Kalash Sthapna and says because the Jowar will develop, peace and happiness may also develop withinside the own circle of relatives. Varun indignant leaves.

Varun in his room indignant, Genda walks in, Varun says why didn’t you inquire from me as soon as earlier than giving it to Bhaiya Bhabhi, Genda says we did Pooja in temple now permit them, and there’s no different cause, Varun says you need to atleast ask as soon as how does the individual with you believe you studied of choice, and right here is your necklace nobody will take it from you, Genda consider Varun’s response in temple and says I don’t need it.

Maharaji prays to Mahalakshmi and says together along with your advantages Genda has commenced her adventure, Mahalakshmi says Son she can’t try this adventure alone, Maharaji asks meaning.

Varun asks Genda why don’t you need it, your mom gave it proper as your father’s final sign, Genda says why didn’t you believe you studied this earlier than you took it with out asking me and didn’t even think about feelings in the back of it, and so now I don’t need it. Varun says I did all this for our own circle of relatives, Genda says while did I prevent you, even I need my households happiness, I simply desired you to invite me as soon as, Varun says what’s massive deal I am your husband and could take essential choice for your behalf each time required, don’t stretch this subject matter, Genda says I by no means stretched subject matter whilst you scolded me in temple and additionally whilst you have been towards me with complete own circle of relatives and society.

Mahalakshmi says to Maharaji, Genda is Lakshmi and as Vishnuji is incomplete with out Lakshmi, so is Lakshmi.

Genda says to Varun I am going to sleep.

Maharaji says to Mahalakshmi, Genda won’t be alone, her existence companion might be together along with her and in such manner that he might be an instance for every person on the way to guide existence companion.

Varun closes the doorways and is going to sleep.

Genda in kitchen, Anuradha walks to her and says make dal bati churma. Genda receives name from Pankhuri, she disconnect seeing Anuradha, Pankhuri calls again, Anuradha says choose name. Pankhuri desires Genda glad birthday and asks what did Varun give, Genda says I will name you later. Pankhuri teases her says sure now all of your time might be Varun’s and his households, Genda says I will name you later and thinks nobody is aware of it’s my birthday.

Varun and Maharaji close to information paper, Maharaji says move ahead, Varun says no you’ve got got it, Maharaji says inquire from me any information I understand all I actually have study it, attempt me. Varun asks him random information, Maharaji solutions him correct. Maharaji reads Varun’s horoscope too and says there’s birthday these days, Varun says sure ots Genda’s birthday, Maharaji says you forgot her birthday and its her birthday these days so make it special. Varun consider his combat together along with her and says I don’t assume she needs anything, I am leaving for store will want her later.

Maharaji thinks they may should spend time collectively and I should do something, due to the fact a husband and spouse need to understand every different thoroughly and recognize eachother.

Maharaji visits Kundan at store, Maharaji says she can be able to like this necklace as gift. Kundan says what gift, Khandelwal comes, Kundan offers him necklace and says your necklace is ready. Khadelwal takes it and leaves. Maharaji says oh I concept it changed into Genda’s, Kundan says it’s far Genda’s birthday, Varun walks in, Maharaji says he’s right here these days even if its Genda’s birthday he’s so committed to paintings, there’s complete existence for birthday and now paintings is critical proper. Kundan says Varun you didn’t inform me its Genda’s birthday, take her out, Maharaji thinks you obtain an possibility Varun we could see in case you observe it.

Pre cap: Genda says it’s my birthday Varun however you didn’t want me yet
Nisha comes to a decision to take revenge from Genda


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