Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda walks to Maharaji’s room with milk, Maharaji says I dont sense like having, Genda says you didn’t consume in morning as properly do have it and are you disappointed with what occurred in morning, Maharaji says all apologised or even you may in case you concept I become thief, Genda says no I didn’t, Maharaji says your mind are specific than others and so consider in what you assume, Genda says I consider in something my own circle of relatives says however nowadays something occurred become incorrect and I apologise on their behalf and leaves. Maharaji says I recognise Genda you’re harm and I will pay off for that with my Laxmi Pooja and Shop inauguration.

Nisha walks to Manish and says I am now no longer giving my jewelry or even you don’t supply cash, Manish says no person needs something from me why must I supply, Nisha says accurate and allow them to bother, they promised nevklace and I am simply looking forward to your salary, and I am so satisfied on your job. Manish says so how satisfied are you, Nisha says come on get prepared I will prepare dinner dinner for you and blows him flying kiss.

Kundan considering necklace, Anuradha asks him whats incorrect and doesn’t he need to visit save, Kundan says we promised Babaji necklace however how can we manage, theres no cash in market, or gold in save, how can we do it. Anuradha says we’ve got gold in house, I suggest Nisha can, Kundan says no not anything from Manish and his own circle of relatives and Genda is new bride and more youthful too, so its now no longer proper. Anuradha says I actually have set we can supply that, Kundan says this is from our wedding ceremony its a memory, Anuradha says you’re the entirety to me, and so don’t assume and we could go along with my necklace, what else can we need. Varun hears them communicate and is going to his room.

Grnda seems at necklaces she has, Varun walks in sees them and asks what’s this, Genda says Varun I don’t consider in what Babaji stated however for Papaji we will have this Jewellery, Varun says this necklace Gopal uncle gave you and this one, Genda says its from my mom, Varun says we could supply this one and leaves.
Genda consider that this necklace become giving to Santosh through her father and her mom gave it to her as blessings. Genda in tears.

Kundan asks Anuradha whoes automobile is that, Manish says its from my Manish. Varun says Papa I will paintings tough with you and won’t destroy your agree with and Mummy additionally doesn’t want to provide her wedding ceremony necklace, we can use this one in pooja, Anuradha asks which necklace is that this, Kundan asks is that this through Gopal, Varun says no its now no longer I recognise you wouldn’t like that and it’s going to damage our recognition too, no person is aware of approximately this necklace, its Genda’s her mom had given it to her. Maharaji says did you ask to Genda, Varun says why must I and what trouble will she have, I am her husband and its for our own circle of relatives, proper Genda, you don’t have a trouble proper. Maharaji thinks in case you are harm from interior Mahalaxmi will by no means receive this. Genda says I am ok with it, its for our own circle of relatives. Genda turns round and is in tears.

Genda walks to Pooja ghar and stands in the front of Maharaji’s portray and says why are you doing this, I am attempting tough to live farfar from this however you hold calling me, the following day Mahalaxmi pooja is for your temple and there’s Agrasen Jayanti too, I don’t need to visit your temple, Maharaji wakes up taking note of this in his room.

Genda says what did I get through following you and your teachings not anything, I can’t say a phrase towards something takes place on this house, I simply stand and listen, I couldn’t even inform Varun that necklace become my father’s final sign, I don’t have greed for gold or silver however he may want to inquire from me once, Maharaji outdoor Pooja ghar taking note of Genda and thinks I recognise you’ve got got been insulted lots however its now no longer simply your insult however of Mahalaxmi of this house. Genda says I won’t come in your temple the following day come what may, Maharaji thinks on one hand insult your private home Laxmi after which in temple worship the goddess, that is incorrect, Genda I will come up with the honor you deserve, I can’t receive loosing a real devotee like you

Babaji sees all preparations made for Mahalaxmi pooja and says superb however wherein is necklace, Kundan says its prepared, Babaji says excellent I need the pooja to appear with out hurdle and after I carry out pooja there are handiest benefit, Maharaji walks to them, Babaji says you may come to Pooja proper, Maharaji says sorry I won’t make it, my save has inaugration nowadays, Babaji says you may leave out blessings of it, and spot how Mahalaxmi accepts those services and blesses them, it’ll be a miracle, Maharaji says I will look forward to uy, Genda receives anyone tea, Babaji denies to have it. Babaji says nowadays come to temple at 6.30 PM, Genda says Papaji its Navratri 1st day and Mahalaxmi pooja and if all of us move who will mild diya, and on first day it’ll be so bad. Maharaji thinks that is her idea. Genda says I will live domestic and appearance after diya and aarti. Babaji says it’s quality if she remains and we can supply her pooja chunari.

Maharaji in his room, Genda walks in and asks him is he okay due to the fact he didn’t have breakfast and tea, Maharaji says I am fasting due to the fact I pray for Mahalaxmi I don’t actually have water nowadays, however you may do one thing, all are long gone to temple for pooja and in case you come I will sense like I actually have own circle of relatives too.

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