Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant suggests Kundan and Manish cheque and tears it, and throws on them. Manish thinks matters are waste now. Siddhant says come sit, I tore cheque doesn’t suggest I won’t purchase your store, I will however with a twist. Genda continues soliciting for guards to permit her in, she sees Siddhant’s secretary and calls her.

Siddhant writes every other cheque, Manish says however that is simply forty lakhs, Siddhant says if Genda might apologise I might pay you complete and don’t thoughts that is business, Kundan receives indignant and says what nonsense is this, Siddhant says I am sorry, you may depart in case you need however do have tea, you’re clever sufficient so assume clamly, you may get the ten lakhs too I simply want an apology, Manish tests his telecellsmartphone and sees Nisha’s neglected calls, and a message that Genda is coming right here to destroy matters, Manish says to Kundan, shall we now no longer assume more, simply signal and end it.

Siddhant’s secretary shall we Genda in. Kundan symptoms and symptoms the papers considering his store. Genda seems at Kundan from the glass. Siddhant takes paper from Kundan and arms him cheque, Manish thinks god this Genda made 10 lakhs loss. Kundan disillusioned leaves with Manish. Genda sees them popping out and hides. Siddhant wondering wherein is Genda, she couldn’t keep store atleast keep her father in regulation.

Genda wondering what is going to she do now, store is bought now, and begins offevolved crying says Varun we misplaced, our store is bought and I couldn’t do some thing and couldn’t preserve my promise.
Siddhant sees Genda in cctv, and walks to her with hanky, and says it’s too past due Genda, tears won’t help, however you appearance proper crying and also you stated you won’t permit the store sell, appearance all is accomplished now, your mind-set and recognition in case your own circle of relatives is all ruined, you need to move in marketplace and notice through youself the store is mine now, I instructed you don’t mess with me and please I don’t like folks who cry neither do I cry, I am a winner, qnd don’t like losers round me.

Genda says you name this a win, I am crying now no longer due to the fact I misplaced store however due to the fact my father in regulation misplaced his dignity.
Siddhant says to Genda, why display frustration on me, Genda says which global are you residing in, there os some thing abve prevailing and dropping that’s love and relations, however you simplest have ego and stubbornness, Siddhant says there may be no vicinity and time for romance and feelings, Genda says don’t want time for all this you want coronary heart that you don’t have so that you are a largest loser right here.

Genda gets rid of a picturegraph from her bag and suggests to Siddhant, he receives indignant, Genda says this js your mom proper, Siddhant sees his picturegraph together along with his mom and mom’s face crossed and asks wherein did you get this…( Genda whilst yelling at Siddhant in office, the picturegraph dropped of his jacket). ….
Genda says how can someone have feelings who hates his mom a lot and its clean that,she left while you have been youngster and who might live with a man such as you who has a lot hatred, I instructed you proper combat with me in case you are a man, however you purchased scared and targetted my husband and father in regulation, and also you name this a win, you’re a loser due to the fact we began out it and also you ended it with father in regulation, you’re frightened of me and due to the fact you hate ladies even your mom left you.

Genda leaving the room sees Siddhant’s Dad and asks Genda to wait, says Siddhant include me and Genda wait until we come.
Dad says to Siddhant no methods son, you may solution each little bit of her accusations, you already know thoroughly the way to train her lesson, Siddhant says don’t fear I will train her a lesson.

Siddhant walks to Genda and says shall we do a thing, shall we end this with you, right here are papers of your store, preserve it, Genda says what’s your motto at the back of it, Siddhant says I don’t need this to cease soon, so that you have three months, in case you go back my cash 1.5x you cab take returned the store and in case you couldn’t you may depart your own circle of relatives and husband and move very very far, my mother become vulnerable couldn’t naked venture and left everyone, however permit’s see are you able to combat or depart everyone, due to the fact its clean to mention however tough to win, its a massive risk, entire ladies network is relying on you, do you receive this venture, Genda says sure however Agarwal and son’s board shouldn’t be removed. Siddhant says accomplished and also you won’t pay hire however come three months ordinary to my residence and it’d be simply among you and me. Genda says deal and takes papers.

Pre cap: Kundan throws paper on Genda and says she is gambling with my dignity and recognition. Kundan asks Varun to pick among Genda and him
Varun says that is among proper and incorrect and Genda is proper so I selected her.
Kundan pours water on himself says this female and her husband are useless for me..


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