Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun is being watched. Genda messes Varun written on cake via way of means of mistake and doesn’t sense desirable. Varun leaves on his bike, he receives disbalanced due to a coconut and falls down, he receives up and thinks what’s a coconut doing right here and selections fallen matters however receives hit via way of means of a truck, bangles break, plants shatter and Varun looses concious. Siddhant is knowledgeable paintings is done.

Genda, Manish, Nisha, Kundan, Anuradha with Varun in hospital, medical doctor says he has extreme harm on head, nd desires examine, Inspector says you want to first satisfy formalities, Manish says I will include you, Kundan asks medical doctor will Varun be great, Doctor says Varun has misplaced lot of blood, we are able to recognise after examination. Anuradha feels dizzy considering Varun, Genda says Maharaji has his benefits on us, I actually have complete religion in Maharaji he won’t allow whatever show up to Varun. Genda is going get water for Anuradha and says Maharaji will store new york Varun.

Genda sees Siddhant in the back of her with bouquet and get properly quickly card. Genda drops glass of water and asks what are you doing right here, Siddhant says I preserve all facts of my enemies and buddies and so I am right here as properly wisher in your husband, can also additionally God assist you, Genda pushes him and holds his collar and says how dare you do that to my Varun, if some thing takes place to him I won’t spare you, Siddhant says I sense awful for you, you continue to don’t recognize matters, that is my manner to play, this time its simply his legs, subsequent time can be it is probably his life, Genda sees inspector and says arrest him, he attempted killing my husband, Inspector says you have to thank him, he stored your husband and leaves.

Genda seems at Siddhant in anger, Siddhant says you may have met many fools and I am Siddhant very smart, even my shadow doesn’t recognise my moves, Genda says I am accommodations a grievance in opposition to you, Siddhant says really, you observed regulation will forestall me and my smartness, don’t underestimate me, use your brain, you observed there might be any twist of fate proofs and wish God treatment plans your husband quickly, fine desires from me and leaves.

Siddhant reaches domestic, he sees dinner served and asks Ganesh is there whatever unique, Dad walks in and says very unique due to the fact I am pleased with my son, you proved you’re a real Harivansh Sinha’s son, and desirable you confirmed that lady her vicinity, she can be able to recognise her vicinity now, Siddhant says I beaten her and her mind-set and now even her soul might be scared taking into consideration me and her entire own circle of relatives will beg us to shop for save, Dad says excellent shall we have some thing candy. Siddhant eats candy and says you aren’t allowed.

Manish and Nisha inform Kundan all formalities are done, Kundan says Varun constantly rides secure how did this twist of fate show up, Manish says you continue to don’t recognize, Genda says I recognise what Manish bhaiya will say, Doctor tells every person and says Varun is great however he misplaced his legs and won’t be capable of stroll, Kundan in shock, Genda says what do you suggest he won’t stroll, Doctor says we don’t recognise how long, Genda collapses, Kundan says Varun might be great don’t worry, all might be desirable.
Manish asks can they meet Varun, Sister says we are able to shift him to different ward, and most effective one individual can wait. Kundan says I will stay, Genda says no you move and additionally cope with Mummyji, I can’t depart Varun by myself this manner.
Genda sees Varun being shifted.

Anuradha attain domestic with others and says God is aware of what has came about to my son, how can I see my son this manner, Kundan says you being a mom can atleast percentage pain, however me a father what’s going to I do, Manish says that is all Siddhant who’s doing this, Kundan says how is that this related. Manish says you observed that is twist of fate, no its not, Siddhant has deliberate all this, Anuradha says what are you saying, Manish says the truth.

Genda sitting close to Varun, Varun profits aware and opens his eyes, Genda says you’ll be great don’t worry, Varun says I changed into on my manner domestic, Genda says take relaxation don’t talk, Varun says I assume Siddhant is in the back of this, Genda says I recognise, Varun says I won’t depart him, he attempted crushing him, as soon as I get properly, I will kick him awful, Genda begins offevolved crying, Varun says don’t cry, I might be great, Genda says Varun, you can’t stroll now, Varun in shock, Varun says this can’t show up and appears at his legs.

Pre cap: Manish says to Kundan, I beg you promote that save.
Genda guarantees Varun, she won’t promote the save.
Genda learns Kundan is at Siddhant Sinha’s workplace to promote save and rushes quick to forestall him..


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