Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun in his room, Genda strolls to him with juice and asks are you fine, Varun says indeed, Genda going to leave, Varun stops her and says sit and holds her hand and says I saw you when I acquired consious, you were so stressed for me, that something wrong, Genda stops him and says all were appealing to God for you relax. Varun says Genda we have visitor ensure Papa doesn’t get vexed once more, I will not have the option to help, Genda leaves Varun’s hand says I know my cutoff points and rules of this family now and will deal with it for all your bliss, have juice I will go get ready supper.

Anuradha gives Kundan medication, Anuradha says Maharaji saved our Varun, we as of now were so strained, I would pass on if something different would occur, Kundan says everything approves of Varun thus will be with our family and even Genda probably comprehended things now, Anuradha says yet obligation how might you alone do it, Kundan says I have my child Varun with me.

Manish returns home and asks Nisha how is Varun, Nisha says great and let me know how was your work, Manish says its so precise, I ought to have joined before and thank god Varun is discover, Nisha advises Maharaji will remain with us, and he talks so sweet, and he said he will tidy up the room, I should, Shivam Giggles and says its mysterious and leaves, Manish says I don’t get Papa, first Pardhan and presently Stanger in the house, I trust he doesn’t burglarize us, Nisha says yes converse with Papa. Manish asks what is his name, Nisha says Maharaji and leaves.

Manish says I need to watch out for him.

Genda in kitchen figuring what she should cook that Maharaji will like, Nisha strolls in and asks Genda where she is lost, Genda says what should I cook for Maharaji, Nisha says cook anything, Genda says he said something I cook best, Nisha says do as such then, at that point, Genda cooked Puri Sabji for Prasad, and how individuals adored her cooking. Genda then, at that point, recall quiting to follow Maharaji.

Everybody at supper table, Kundan stops Shivam and says let visitors join first and requests that Nisha call Maharaji. Nisha leaves cribbing about it and says call him then, at that point, likewise clean the room, Nisha thumps and sees room is totally cleaned and astounded, and says you cleaned it, Maharaji says I let you know it will be finished by today gives up at this point.

All at supper table, Genda shows she cooked dal batti, Maharaji grins and asks do you cook this best, Genda says yes all like it, Maharaji thinks so society trained my fan to lie also and requests that Genda serve. Genda thinks I cook Puri and Aloo Matar sabji best yet I am not identified with Maharaji any more so I will not cook.

Kundan asks have you tidied up room I am certain you havent, Maharaji says yes its cleaned ask Shivam, Shivam says yes he cleaned it, Nisha says even I saw he cleaned it. Kundan says as much pleasant Maharaji lets have food now

Manish asks what is your complete name Maharaji, Maharaji says my name is Maharaj and all call me Maharaji, Manish asks something different, Maharaji says family names make you judge individuals like station, rich poor and I don’t have confidence in this, Anuradha says such great musings. Manish asks where are you from. Kundan says let him eat he saved your sibling, and you landed position doesn’t mean you talk with everybody, Maharaji says let him ask,

Manish says I never saw you here where are you from. Maharaji says I am hanging around for shop no 12, Varun says extraordinary it’s close to our own, Manish says it’s an awful shop no business works great here, Maharaji says shop functions admirably with endeavors, considerations are positive or negative not endeavors, right Genda. Genda checks out Kundan, Genda says I don’t have the foggiest idea about this and just think about family, Kundan and Anuradha grin.

Kundan inquires as to why shop now a particular explanation, Maharaji says no. Kundan says might be your child left you during terrible occasions, I mean sorry I needed to ask another person, Maharaji says I didn’t really regret question however regarding that you just asked child, my little girl could leave me and I can feel awful as well, Genda grins. Kundan says I implied business and child handle this, Maharaji says I don’t separate among child and girl the two of them have their obligation and something that separate is their contemplations, in case kids are caring its acceptable or, in all likelihood that is an issue.

Genda recall Agrasen Maharaji’s lessons. Kundan says our considerations don’t coordinate with Maharaji, Maharaji says that isn’t terrible that we have various musings however awful thing is thinking your contemplations are right, Kundan requests that Genda serve Maharaji food. Genda thinks I am attempting to fail to remember Maharaji yet it is so troublesome. Maharaji thinks one day you and society will comprehend my musings.

Pre cap: Maharaji asks Kundan what business should I do and says Genda you advise me, Genda says I didn’t perceive any bloom shop close by, Kundan and Varun take a gander at her
Gopal says to Maharaji, I can wager on you,flower business will not work here and on the off chance that you win I will compose your shops name in gold Maharaji says concurred.
Varun reprimands Genda for giving business thought.


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