Ghar Ek Mandir

YGhar Ek Mandir 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agarwal’s stressed for Varun, Maharaji strolls in masked, Kundan asks who are you, barely any individuals stroll in conveying Varun, Kundan and others race to him, and attempt to awaken him, Kundan requests that they take him to his room. Maharaji checks out the house and recollect how Genda was abused and takes a gander at Pooja room.

Kundan attempts to wake Varun, Kundan thanks individuals eho got Varun, they says say thanks to him, he saved your child, Kundan says thanks to Maharaji, Anuradha says let me call Manish request that he get specialist, Kundan says not needed, let him take care of his work and leaves.

Maharaji requests Shivam to het 5 leaves from tulsi, and requests Nisha to get a bloom and glass from water. Kundan strolls in and says specialist will be here soon. Maharaji takes tulsi leaves, bloom and some water and causes Varun to eat it and says I lived with an Ayurvedic Vaidya so having a go at something, Anuradha says simply fix my child, Genda surges in and asks what occurred and attempts to wake Varun. Maharaji takes a gander at Genda and grins, Genda asks who are you, Maharaji says that isn’t significant, significant is his wellbeing.

Dr. Sharma strolls in and says you all I never comprehend he met with a mishap and you didn’t take him to medical clinic and who is this man, Kundan says he saved Varun, Dr. Sharma says great work however for what reason didn’t you take him to medical clinic, Maharaji says he is fine, Sharma says I am specialist allowed me to really look at that, he inspects Varun and Varun gains consious, all grin. Varun says thanks to Maharaji, Kundan and Anuradha express gratitude toward him and asks how might I reimburse it, Maharaji says one cup of tea.

Genda gets tea for Maharaji, Maharaji requests Nisha to add part from sugar in his tea, Anuradha and others befuddled, Nisha says you drink so sweet tea, Maharaji says individuals talk so malicious, sweet tea makes a difference. Varun much obliged for saving his life. Kundan says you are God to us, you saved him. Maharaji says I should leave now, Kundan says I never saw you, Maharaji says I am new here, searching for house,

I should leave or, in all likelihood I could never get spot to rest, Genda says you can remain here, Kundan checks out Genda out of resentment, Genda says assuming Papaji needs he takes all choices here. Kundan says you saved my child permit us serve you, Genda says you saved Varun thus permit us too.Kundan says she is correct, Anuradha and Varun demands as well. Maharaji says alright. Kundan says I will make plans, Nisha thinks jabber letting more peculiar’s visit. All leave with the exception of Shivam and Genda.

Shivam asks what is your name, Maharaji says Maharaj, Genda quits listening that, Maharaji asks Shivam his name, He says Shivam and asks do you realize Chachi’s name, Maharaji says Laxmi, Shivam says no her name is Genda, Maharaji says Laxmi name suits you, on the off chance that you don’t feel awful I might want to call you Laxmi, Genda says sure and leaves. Maharaji thinks you are my Laxmi, and will acquire great society and furthermore fix your dedication and confidence in me.

Kundan strolls to visitor room and its all dusty, Kundan asks Nisha for what good reason hasn’t she cleaned it, Nisha says nobody came to remain along these lines, Kundan says it’s uour obligation to clean it, Genda says I will clean it, Kundan says it needs neatness. Maharaji strolls to them, Kundan says this room is dusty and will set aside time, till then you stay in my room, Anuradha will move with Shivam and Nisha will clean it by tomorrow,

Genda says no concerns I will clean it, Kundan says Nisha will ots her obligation. Nisha thinks its so grimy will not be cleaned till tomorrow, Maharaji says room is exceptionally messy it will not get cleaned till tomorrow, I will clean it myself, Kundan says you are visitor, Maharaji says you permitted me stay here, so let me and in the event that I clean I will get minimal tired and rest soundly, Kundan says you will require two days and this is certifiably not a man’s job,let women do it its there work, Maharaji says who said we man cannot tackle job that ladies do, let me and in the event that I wouldn’t you be able to can do as you need, Kundan says as you wish whatever else.

Maharaji says organize nourishment for myself and I eat a ton and hungry as well, Genda says I will cook immediately what will you have, Maharaji says something you cook well overall and everybody loves it and you cook by heart, Genda figures what will I cook that he will like, Maharaji thinks cook things that you get me day by day.

Maharaji locks entryway and going to snap and tidy up sees Shivam in his room, Shivam says uncle you planned to snap right would you be able to show me as well, Maharaji says sure however let me clean first then we can learn, Shivam says OK and leaves. Maharaji snaps his finger and room gets cleaned. Shivam strolls in to get his teddy, and shocked to see the room clean, and says wow so speedy, so you know sorcery, Maharaji says indeed, Shivam says will you show me, Maharaji says on the off chance that you stay discreet, Shivam says alright and leaves.

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