Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun says to Kundan he ought to assume as soon as earlier than, Kundan says whilst a father has son like you, I don’t want to assume due to you I can go back debt and were given my popularity returned and secretary requested me to fill Kosha Adakshya shape and that is all due to you.
Kunean fills the shape, Gopal, Harish, Kailash don’t like it. Kundan thank you Maharaji and leaves with him. Gopal thinks even I actually have stuffed the shape and won’t surrender easily.

Kundan says to Maharaji, Varun is aware of his duties and shortly Agarwal’s might be great withinside the town and I wish I did proper filling the shape. Maharaji says you probably did due to the fact its going to assist me boom Genda’s issues and make her strong. Gopal walks to Kundan and says earlier than you got here those humans made me fill the shape too and so I assume I ought to step returned. Kundan says no approaches due to the fact how does it depend who wins among us and leaves. Harish says to Gopal that you’ll preserve ready and he’s going to win the whole lot due to the fact he doesn’t care approximately you, Gopal says he won’t be Kosha Adhyaksh, I might be and di something for that

Kundan offers anybody candy and says Anuradha approximately the Kosha Adhyaksh incident. Nisha says my favored candy why however, Kundan says due to the fact my more youthful son gave my popularity returned not like elder son who left me alone. Manish feels awful and leaves. Maharaji walks in, Kundan offers him candy, and says due to you we were given the patron and Varun I had such a lot of false impression for Varun however now I consider he’s capable, Genda sees Varun isn’t satisfied and is involved considering that returned. Maharaji says Genda did you consume candy due to the fact you personal the credits, Kundan asks what credit, Maharaji says there may be girl in the back of each a hit man, Kundan says sure you’re proper. Anuradha says we could have dinner. Maharaji thinks quickly all will recognize the fact and receive it too.

Nisha says to Manish why didn’t you solution Papaji, Manish says I actually have lot of labor aside from this, Nisha says why get indignant with me, Manish says due to the fact I listened to you and widely wide-spread the job, Nisha thinks that is all due to Genda and Varun and shortly Papaji will reward handiest Manish and for that I must discover Genda’s non-public paintings.

Varun locks all doorways and windows, Genda says what are you doing, Varun says that is in order that no person sees us, Genda says don’t worry, I actually have completed all paintings and now we are able to paintings collectively however why are you so involved, we’re going to paintings collectively we ought to be satisfied, Varun says I am satisfied however simply pressurized, first time I actually have taken a duty for our own circle of relatives and dont need to fail, Genda says you won’t fail and the key is among us, a really perfect husband’s best wife.

Nisha attempts to undercover agent on Genda and Varun, Varun and Genda operating inside, Nisha wondering why are lighting fixtures on and what they should be doing inside, Varun says Genda do we be capable of finish, Genda says sure. Nisha is going to kitchen and receives tongs, and a stool, she steps on it and attempts to sneak in via window, Varun says I assume a person is outside, Genda says all are dozing we could recognition on paintings.
Maharaji sees Nisha looking to sneak in, and snaps his finger. Shivam wakes up and sees Nisha isn’t beside him and is going to search for her. Varun receives tired, Genda says cross relaxation for sometime, Varun says with out you now no longer possible, we are able to do the whole lot collectively. Shivam walks to Nisha and pulls her saree, Nisha falls down, Manish wakes up with the noise. Varun and Genda fast conceal things. Nisha slips tongs below the table.

Genda and Varun stroll out of room and assist Nisha and ask how did she fall, Nisha says I changed into looking to pass this chair, Shivam says however you had been status on chair. Varun seems at Genda.

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