Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha tells Varun, Kundan has referred to as her and Genda. Varun walks to Kundan, Nisha whispers to Manish appearance I informed you she won’t come. Kundan asks in which is Genda, I referred to as you each, Nisha says I informed them to return back together, Varun says I informed you, Genda could be very unwell, Nisha says its critical to have her here, as we’ve Pooja and all girls want to be on this pooja. Varun says she could be very susceptible and can’t come. Kundan says name for someday then she will rest, Nisha says we can do one thing, we can simply make Genda contact this pooja thali after which me and Mummyji will carry out aarti, Anuradha says Nisha is right, Varun says provide me I will take to Genda. Nisha says why does it seem like you don’t need us to fulfill Genda. Anuradha says Nisha why will he do so, can be he isn’t liking me going in, so that you cross Mummyji, Anuradha takes aarti, Varun says permit me, Kundan says why are you preventing everyone, Anuradha says permit me cross, Kundan says wait even I will come.

Kundan and Anuradha stroll in, Varun follows them, Kundan receives a name and he leaves speaking on name, Nisha thinks now Mummyji will stroll in and discover the truth. Siddhant receives Genda’s area and is going to keep her.

Genda is tied to stretcher, guys provide her anesthesia which will cast off her eyes and promote it
Anuradha walks to Genda and calls her name, Varun says she is rapid asleep, Anuradha eliminates blanket and sees pillows, and appears at Varun and asks what all is that this and in which is Genda, all assume she is ill, so in which is she.

Genda profits consious and sees injection and asks what all you need depart me, I am already in first-rate problem I ought to attain to a place, please permit me cross.
Varun says Genda isn’t home, Anuradha asks in which is she then.
Genda attempting difficult to unfastened herself.
Varun says to Anuradha please take a seat down and concentrate to me, I recognise I lied however it become for every body right, Anuradha asks what right and didn’t you pay attention what Papa said, Varun says its all in favour of our keep and so Genda went Mathura.
Genda is preserve tight to stretcher.
Varun tells Anuradha why Genda went Mathura, to switch land and he become going to move however due to Papa, Genda needed to depart. Anuradha says why did you do this, ship her alone.

Siddhant reaches area, and sees there may be no one.
Varun says to Anuradha he had no choice and different trouble is, he isn’t capable of attain Genda, her telecellsmartphone is switched off, Anuradha says you may inform me atleast, Papa already had warned everyone, Varun says there has been no different way.

Genda approximately to get injected, Siddhant breaks door and receives in., he receives in combat with the guys. Siddhant beats them bad, Genda frees herself, Siddhant stops the guys from touching Genda, whilst doing so he is going near Genda. Siddhant receives harm too through the guys, Genda hits a person with stick and saves Siddhant from getting hit through a drum. Inspector walks in with crew and capture them, they thank Siddhant for facts and reward Genda for her bravery and leaves.

Siddhant walks to Genda and says can be you need to mention thanks for saving your life, Genda says you could police now no longer me, I am certain that is all of your plan, they have been your guys, you’re a thrid magnificence man, however I won’t loose, I will cross Mathura, forestall me if you could and leaves. Siddhant smiles.

Genda sees inspector depart and begins offevolved on foot on excessive way, searching for transport, Siddhant comes close to her on motormotorcycle and asks do you need lift, Genda says in no way from you, I won’t even stroll with you, I might decide on stranger, Genda stops a taxi and receives in it, Siddhant arms his card to motive force and says name me whilst you attain, can pay you right. Siddhant says don’t stare, I cope with my pals and enemy, Genda says motive force tears this card, Driver says why will I, I need money, Genda says I won’t tour with you, Driver offers Siddhant his card back. Siddhant thinks stubbornness and stress is going hand in hand with prevailing and we each have it

The episode ends.

Pre cap: Kundan asks Anuradha did Genda contact the pooja thali.
Siddhant’s supervisor informs him, he were given papers signed earlier than Genda.


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