Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha walks un and asks in which is Genda, Varun says she is showering, Nisha says couldn’t you open door then, Varun says I become being attentive to songs, Nisha says right here’s meals for Genda, Varun asks did you eat, Nisha says yes, ok will cross get medicinal drug for her, Varun says now no longer wanted I were given her drugs and closes door. Nisha says there may be some thing surely fishy, I will discover the fact anyways

Genda’s vehicle tyre receives punctured. Genda says God I am already late. Driver says there may be Dhaba right here you could cross clean up. Genda makes Varun a name, Varun asks did she reach, Genda says I am excellent however tyre simply cross punctured and are you dealing with there, Varun says yes, Genda says ok don’t worry, simply 24 hrs and I could be lower back with signatures and no person can take our save lower back, Varun says I understand you’re running hard, I love you, Genda says I love you too bye.

Genda on her manner to Dhaba is stopped through guys.
Siddhant in his workplace says I in no way loose.
Varun from his room window exams out of doors and attempts calling Genda however she doesn’t acquire name.
Genda receives abducted.
Nisha knocks Varun’s room door, Varun opens the door, Nisha walks in and asks how is Genda, Varun says excellent, Nisha insists on assembly Genda, Varun says she has viral you could’t see her. Nisha says cmon pass apart and walks in. Varun has organized Pillows to seem like Genda. Nisha walks to mattress and approximately to dispose of blanket, Varun spills water on her saree and says sorry I slipped, now cross alternate come and pushes her out of room. Nisha receives suspicious, and says if Genda isnt right here in which is she.

Varun begins offevolved calling Genda. Genda’s telecellsmartphone jewelry in her bag and he or she is tied upto a chair and is subconscious. Varun receives involved for Genda, continues calling her and says its already hard right here and he or she isn’t answering too. Varun attempts calling driving force, he switches off his telecellsmartphone. Varun receives greater involved and says I wish she isn’t in any difficulty.

Two guys on name with physician say she remains subconscious and could name while she wakes up and leaves. Genda profits her consious and receives scared seeing herself tied up, she recalls the 2 guys abducted her through making her scent chloroform, Genda attempts to get out of chair, her telecellsmartphone begins offevolved ringing, however she can’t choose it and prays to Maharaji to assist her.
Genda slowly drags her chair and attempts to choose scissor from tray, the 2 guys stroll in.
Siddhant is knowledgeable through driving force that as in keeping with his commands he become puzzling Genda however she left to clean up and didn’t return, Siddhant scolds him, and says in case you don’t discover her, you may die too. Siddhant wondering what’s Genda’s subsequent pass and asks secretary to discover Genda’s quantity from check in to music Genda.

Genda acts as though she remains subconscious, the guys talk they’ll name physician says if she doesn’t awaken in an hour and leave. Genda confused, she gets rid of the knife she had stolen and begins offevolved slicing the rope, she cuts her hand through mistake, however manages to reduce rope and comes to a decision to name Varun, her telecellsmartphone begins offevolved ringing, she manages to choose it up and says I were abducted Varun , and they’re pronouncing some thing approximately physician and I am positive Siddhant is at the back of it, the 2 guys slap her, Genda looses consious. Siddhant on name hears everything.

Siddhant makes a name to urgently hint Genda’s quantity. Varun unearths Genda’s telecellsmartphone is switched off and says first driving force and now Genda, I need to cross Mathura, Genda wishes me however Papa. Nisha once more begins offevolved knocking door. Nisha tells him Papaji has known as you and Genda and leaves.

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