Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda tells Varun approximately locating Manohar Tripathi, Varun says this Siddhant’s difficulty goes to have an effect on Papa’s fitness, Genda says however how can we manipulate in such small time, and what if Papa sells keep, its now no longer easy, Varun says not anything is simple right here and I promise I will do the whole thing to keep our keep, Genda says sure we are able to however you may ought to depart for Mathura, and what’s going to you inform Papaji, Varun says don’t fear and also you don’t exit, Papa might be dissatisfied again.

Siddhant in convention meeting, his supervisor walks in, Siddhant dispers the meeting, Siddhant palms him bag complete of cash and says supply some thing quantity he needs however the land must be transferred to me, I even have promised Dad pooja on Monday, Manager says if Genda interupts again, Siddhant says we must believe ourselves and I even have made preparations to attend to her.

Next day, Varun at keep, tells Kundan he has to depart for Mathura, Kundan asks why, have you ever misplaced it, Varun says my pal met with an twist of fate so it’s miles important, Varun and Kundan see nine stores being names after Siddhant creation, Kundan seems at call Agarwal and son’s and thinks of his dream to run keep together along with his sons. Varun asks Kundan is he satisfactory, Kundan says you cross Mathura I will manipulate. Kundan begins offevolved collapsing protecting his hand. Varun with assist of others takes Kundan internal.

Genda packing, she hears Nisha name her and hides things. Genda opens the door, Nisha asks did you soke the chana and I desired to head marketplace however Papaji, or even you don’t exit, Genda says I won’t, Nisha leaves.

Genda receives name from Varun, Varun says Kundan’s fitness may be very bad, I can’t cross Mathura, Genda says did you name doctor, Varun says he’s checking him, Genda says papers, Varun says I don’t recognize what to do, Genda says can I cross, its for our keep, Varun says did you neglect about what Papaji said, Genda says we are able to disguise it from Papaji, and also you manipulate right here and I will cross Mathura, we haven’t any othe choice and Papaji’s existence is in that keep and we can’t Siddhant take our keep, Varun says I won’t permit that happen, you cross Mathura I will manipulate right here, I will ee-e book cab and maintain informing me each 1/2 of hour and what’s going to you assert and depart from the house. Genda says I will lock door from internal and exit from window, you inform anyone I am now no longer feeling nicely. Varun says k.

Doctor says Kundan is satisfactory and desires to relaxation and no stress, its coronary heart difficulty. Varun thinks it is going to be hard to cover approximately Genda if Papa might be home.
Genda at Agrasen Maharaji’s temple and prays.

Anuradha makes Kundan relaxation and asks Varun what did Genda say, Varun says he’s satisfactory and desires relaxation. Anuradha says might also additionally God therapy him quickly and also you appearance worn-out too, you name Genda, I will serve you meals. Genda messages Varun, that she left is at the manner to Mathura and to attend to Papaji and ensure no person unearths approximately her and he or she will manipulate the whole thing.
Siddhant says Genda you can’t manipulate anything, I won’t permit you.
Anuradha says Varun cross name Genda, Varun says she isn’t feeling nicely and went to shower, Anuradha says she is ill then why shower, Varun says heat water tubtub to loosen up herself, Anuradha says k I will asn Nisha to ship her meals.

Varun is going to his room and makes preparations to appear like Genda is showering internal. Nisha starrs knocking the door. Nisha receives suspicious and enters in, Varun taken aback to peer Nisha.

Siddhant’s supervisor informs him he has reached Mathura, Genda nonetheless at the manner. Siddhant’s supervisor says what if Genda reaches first and spoils things, Siddhant says we won’t loose. Genda thinks she has to behave speedy and earlier than Siddhant.

Pre cap: Genda on her manner to Mathura her vehicle breaks down, she receives kidnapped.
Siddhant is knowledgeable with the aid of using his guards, Genda went to dhaba to have meals after which she didn’t come out.
Nisha walks in Varun’s room, she attempts to dispose of blanket of bed, Varun stops her.


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