Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant reaches domestic scared approximately parcel, Dad asks who despatched it, Siddhant says a pal, Dad says while why concerned, Siddhant says new pal type of unknown, Dad says ok. Siddhant takes parcel to his room and opens it, he sees its the repaired uncommon window and Genda writes through sending damaged replicate you confirmed us how low you may fall and through sending this new one, I need to mention that I can combat with any trouble you lay to keep my store and take delivery of your enemity. Siddhant smiles and says very interesting. Siddhant calls Arora.

Varun says to Genda, you dealt with Siddhant so nicely with that present thing, he need to have understood that we aren’t the one’s who get scared.
Siddhant says Genda I understood which you aren’t among the one’s who get scared, for first time a person has responded me and I am now no longer disillusioned however satisfied to locate a person who can combat me now it’ll be very interesting.
Varun says Genda, Siddhant messed with us and now will should address it. Genda says I am assured and will locate again simply due to the fact you have been with me and supported me, please constantly aid me and nobody can beat us then. Varun says collectively we are able to win.
Siddhant says something may also happen, the sport is mine, I will win it.

Dad walks to Siddhant and asks what present your pal despatched you, Siddhant says pal is new however seems like a antique proper participant and inform me which day is right day to begin new work, Dad says I recall Monday’s very proper, why though, Siddhant says I am beginning new department of our company, and so be geared up for coconut wreck ceremony, in Kucha Mahajani, Dad says I am happy with you however did you get all shops, Siddhant says you may say so.

Genda says to Varun, Siddhant won’t preserve quiet, he’ll do some thing in return, Varun says now we are able to combat the entirety if we’re into it.
Kundan says at dinner table, Siddhant is unnecessarily bragged approximately and did Anuradha have meals, Genda says sure I gave it to her in her room, Kundan says ok and keeps announcing, Siddhant greeted us so nicely and he’s so right all the way down to earth and tells complete story.
Nisha says Papaji it approach all is right and he doesn’t need our store, Kundan says now no longer but however I suppose I ought to speak to him, he’ll recognize it, he’s a taken care of guy.
Door bell rings, Nisha is going check. Arora walks in.

Kundan walks to Arora, Arora says sorry to return back at incorrect time, you have been peacefully having lunch however now you could now no longer due to the fact you’ve got got time until Monday morning to get me store papers otherwise you’ll should pay complete mortgage cash with hobby and free your store. Kundan says in such quick observe how will I control this cash, this store is my existence dont do this, Arora says I can’t help. Genda asks whose call is store on, Arora says sure, I actually have document, Genda says can I actually have photograph of files, Arora arms it to Genda and thinks not anything allow you to now.
Genda says the call of land proprietor is Manohar Tripathi, Arora says he need to be dead, Kundan says that is your errors ehy lure us, Arora you’ve got got time until Monday morning and leaves.

Varun says to Kundan we could speak to Manohar Tripathi, we could see if we are able to anything, Kundan says this won’t work, I will pass beg Siddhant Sinha, he’ll concentrate to me, I am going to him, Varun says permit me include you, Kundan says proper to peer atleast a person cares. Varun and Kundan leave.
Genda thinks Siddhant will by no means concentrate to you and I should locate Manohar Tripathi, will pass check in workplace for that.

Siddhant’s secretary tells him, Kundan and his son Varun Agarwal’s are here, Siddhant says I am busy looking match, and I don’t meet not unusualplace people, ask them to leave, throw them out I am busy.

Kundan is knowledgeable, Siddhant is busy, Kundan says please its very important, Secretary says he could be very busy please leave. Kundan forces himself interior announcing inform him its me, Security begin guy dealing with Kundan, Varun receives in too and shouts nobody touches my father on Kundan being pushed. Varun receives in combat with safety. Secretary stops Varun, Kundan takes Varun away.

Genda at check in workplace, she is informed that, Manohar Tiwari bought this land eighty yrs again and went to Mathura, Genda says proper he gave it to my father in law’s grand father, however there’s no paper that even after promoting the land is known as on Manoj Tripathi, He says this takes place, you’ll should meet him and get new papers signed. Genda says ok are you able to please locate Manoj Tripathi, He says how will I understand, you locate it and its my lunch time and leaves.

Genda says I should pass Mathura with out Siddhant’s knowledge. Arora calls Siddhant and tells she requested me approximately files and I gave her what’s going to she do with it, Siddhant says silly and disconnect the call. Siddhant says I understand she will get leads primarily based totally on that.

Anuradha concerned approximately Kundan and Varun, they stroll in, Anuradha asks how did you get harm Varun, Kundan says we went to Siddhant’s workplace and he began out combating with safety after which now says we could hotel FIR in opposition to them,Varun says he pass over behaved with you and also you stored praising Siddhant appearance what he did, Kundan says should we meet him, no we couldn’t due to you. Genda says Varun is proper, Siddhant isn’t always an amazing guy, Kundan says you shutup, do you realize extra than me, and all that is occurring due to you, you messed with Siddhant and that is what takes place while a ladies is going out of residence, she brings trouble and from these days you all girls won’t step out and I am alive to attend to this residence and if I can’t I will promote store. Genda seems at Varun.

Pre cap: Genda on her manner to Mathura her automobile breaks down, she receives kidnapped.
Siddhant is knowledgeable through his guards, Genda went to dhaba to have meals after which she didn’t come out.
Nisha walks in Varun’s room, she attempts to cast off blanket of bed, Varun stops her.


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