Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivam walks to Maharaji and asks what are you doing, Maharaji says packing, Shivam asks you going somewhere, Maharaji says no I am simply acting, Shivam says so that you can do magic once more, Maharaji says sure and that is our mystery too, Shivam says in an effort to be amusing. Maharaji thinks even God has to behave every so often and this one is for my Lakshmi. Maharaji asks Shivam to head sleep, Shivam says permit me assist you, Maharaji says I actually have an essential paintings to do and can’t paintings in case you don’t sleep, Shivam asks meaning, Maharaji continues hand on his head, Shivam falls asleep on his bed. Maharaji places him in his room.

Varun and others get home, Genda asks Nisha why is she so upset, Nisha says simply sleepy, Manish says Varun you probably did so proper and collectively it turned into a blast, proper Nisha, Nisha says I am sleepy proper night.

Genda and Varun of their room, Varun says a few matters are so easy however convey a lot happiness and I in no way knew dancing turned into a lot amusing, and so that you need to be dancing and also you don’t move temple wherein you executed you need to be lacking it proper, Genda considering Maharaji, Varun asks wherein are you lost, Genda says we had visitor in our residence there has been souch positivity, Varun thinks I desire I may want to convey happiness in her eyes, Varun says come we could open our gift, Genda says you open it, Varun unwraps it, it has earrings, Genda says so quite and receives happy, and says permit me hold them inside, Varun stops her and asks her to put on it, Genda says I will put on it tomorrow, Varun says put on it now, permit me. Genda smiles.

Manish and Nisha hi there to their room and sees its embellished and Shivam asleep,Nisha says who did all this, Manish says you had been so assured approximately prevailing competition, I requested Maharaji to try this however I forgot to inform him now no longer to when we lost, however we had amusing and all they were given turned into a present hamper, Nisha in tears and says not anything occurs proper with me and those are cherry blossom and I am allergic to it, Manish says sorry I forgot to inform Maharaji. Nisha says my destiny is so bad, and begins offevolved sneezing and destroys entire ornament and says whilst will this Maharaji move and I pray he leaves as quickly as possible. Manish says you take a seat down here, I will take away ornament

Genda asks Varun how is she searching, Varun takes her to reflect and says now tell, Genda says I experience its ordinary, you tell, Varun narrates a poem for her and hugs her says you searching so quite, appearance in my eyes and you may recognize if I am telling the truth. Genda hugs Varun and thinks this appears like a dream however I am scared that this dream doesn’t destroy once more

Kundan subsequent day in surprise, Anuradha in surprise too, Shivam calls all of us and says appearance. House front embellished, Kundan asks who did this, Maharaji says I did. Genda and others see his bag, Maharaji says you all did a lot for me gave me home, meals and helped me with keep too, and so this little floral ornament to convey happiness for your life, Nisha says are you going surely, I suggest you going, Maharaji smiles. Genda says wait until Pooja, have Prasad and move, Kundan says she is proper, Maharaji says k as you all desire. Nisha thinks this Genda once more interrupted.
Maharaji seems at Shivam and each smile.

Kundan says this plant has grown so well, Shivam says Genda chachi took care of them so well, they needed to be beautiful, Nisha thinks now this one too. Anuradha says this indicates we gonna have happiness in our residence. Maharaji says accurate its signal of latest beginning, Shivam asks how, Maharaji says its Dassera and could you warmth Mahishasura story, Shivam says k, Nisha thinks now he won’t move. Maharaji narrates all of us Mahishasura story, on how Mahishasura reflected to be immortal, God says this isn’t possible, all of us has to die, Mahishasura stated if so he may be killed handiest with the aid of using girls and nobody else God stated okayz Mahishasura did this wondering girls are week, and began out troubling all of us, after which Maa Durga got here and killed him and defeated evil and a goddess a lady constantly saves proper and each lady has to kill the evil of their home, society or themselves and win over it.

Pre cap: Maharaji says Kundanji reduce this Jowar. Kundan asks all guys to position it on their head, Shivam asks Nisha to achieve this too, Kundan says handiest guys do it.
In his room, Varun asks Genda to position Jowar on her head, Genda says however Papaji, Varun says we can do it collectively and aid eachother and constantly be collectively..


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