Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda strolls Maharaji’s room however before she thumps he opens it, Genda says I gave you an idea and sorry for that, kindly don’t do this everybody says this will not work and if this happens you should leave and I will not have the option to confront the culpability, you saved Varun and I am appreciative so kindly don’t do this, Maharaji says imagine a scenario in which this shop works, Genda says it will be a marvel, Maharaji says in the event that it works its a wonder and on the off chance that it doesn’t its your issue, lets say I need to return for what reason should you be concerned abd how are we related and assuming you need me not to go assistance me with business, and I realize you know about blossoms and know sellers as well, so will you help me, Genda contemplates Kundan’s displeasure and Varuns words that ponder family first, Genda says sorry I can’t help, I will not conflict with my family, I am heartbroken and leaves.

Maharaji says my shop will be initiated by you Genda, and when Laxmi thinks something it’s most noteworthy, and boundless, and individuals won’t ever encounter this significance in the event that she doesn’t venture out

Genda performs Tulsi Pooja, Nisha races to everybody says her adornments is missing, Manish says did you check, Nisha says I checked all over and I think there is burglary, Kundan Varun say who will, Manish asks where is Maharaji gives up check, Genda says we can’t do this, Manish assaults Maharajis room and sees he is missing, Genda sees painting in room, Manish says he fled, Genda says he probably left on account of some work, Kundan says this could be valid as well, Varun says lets call, Genda says he doesn’t have telephone, Shivam says I saw Maharaj uncle leave with a sack in morning, Nisha says this may have my gold. Kundan says all really look at their rooms, Manish says this is the thing that happens when you let outsider’s in.

Varun and Genda really looking at their room, Genda says we are contemplating Maharaji, Varun says see even I think its not Maharaji’s work however we can’t disregard the circumstance, Genda thinks I have full confidence in him he hasn’t. Anuradha tells Kundan nothing is taken, Varun says even our room nothing is taken, Manish says aside from gold everything is there. Shivam strolls to everybody and says thought that it is your gems box it was behind bed fallen, Anuradha says thank god, Varun says we questioned Maharaji with no excuse, Nisha says Manish accused with no excuse, Genda strolls to everybody says Laxmi Idol is missing, Anuradha says this isn’t acceptable, we shouldn’t move Laxmiji symbol after pooja, Nisha says this look something other than what’s expected, there were colors in Maharaji’s room and icon is missing, I think Maharaji was hanging around for some Vodoo things.

Entryway ringer rings, Kundan opens entryway, Police come in with Harish and Kailash, Kundan requests that they come in, and asks what is it, Police says I am here to simply to talk presently, return their cash, Kundan says they gave personal time, why get police this isn’t acceptable, Kailash says on the off chance that you don’t get us cash soon,we will document protest and send you prison, Inspector says if this happens I will send you to prison and all your standing will be destoryed, so straightaway return their cash, Varun says how could you, Kundan stops him, Inspector says get criticality and leaves.

Anuradha gets Kundan water, Manish strolls to Kundan and says don’t stress I get liability and will reimburse all obligation by my compensation, Kundan says you will pay my obligation, I don’t need a solitary penny from your compensation, I revile myself on the off chance that I contact your compensation, and on the off chance that you knew liability you wouldn’t leave your shop, our Mahalaxmi icon is missing and you contemplating cash, and you will reimburse my cash, you have parcel of cash right, do a thing set aside your compensation cash and get another house and shift and I am saying this your dad, I will perform my responsibility so you can remain until you have sufficient cash, Genda going to talk recollect Nisha requesting that she not talk when Men are examining, Kundan says Maharaji just took a symbol yet Manish you obliterated our standing.

Genda in her room, Varun strolls to her says he didn’t discover Maharaji anyplace and for what reason did he take Mahalakshmi icon, Genda says Varun why question him, he could never do this, he has part of regard and love for our family, and he saved you, Varun says Manish bhaiya and Papa everything so befuddling, Varun ponders police cautioning and says no I can’t allow this to occur and accomplish something, I need to work on something for Papa.

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