Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant’s guards tell his father that, Siddhant is in prison, his father feels uneasy listening to that, defend says Sir don’t fear he might be out soon, his father has bronchial allergies difficulty and asks to name Siddhant proper away.
Siddhant on name says I am in workplace all precise, his father says I recognize you’re in police station, I am coming proper away, Siddhant says don’t fear Dad I might be first-rate and could manage, it turned into only a little coincidence however a lady created entire difficulty and referred to as police, Dad says educate her an awesome lesson. Siddhant says don’t fear I will and he or she will by no means neglect about this lesson and you are taking care and permit me communicate to Rakesh.
Siddhant scolds Rakesh for informing Dad.

Inspector asks Siddhnat why did he mess with a lady, Siddhant says women are mess and may I leave, Inspector says she has filed document so I should take motion and he or she shouldn’t have sick communicate approximately your mom, Siddhnat says it turned into her crime and he or she will naked consequences, Siddhnat receives bail and is requested to return back provide attendance.

Varun and Genda collectively, Genda asks Varun why is he so concerned approximately Mummy, Varun says I am considering Siddhant, Genda says why fear approximately him, we can combat him and now no longer be frightened of him.
Siddhant receives domestic and sees his Dad is alseep on chair, places blanket over him, Dad wakes up and asks is he first-rate, did he devour whatever, Siddhant says I am first-rate, did you’ve got got medicinal drug, Dad says I forgot, Siddhant says don’t fear I am right here and offers Dad medicinal drug and asks to rest, Dad says I. usually concerned approximately you, you’re the whole thing for me, I didn’t do whatever for you, you’ve got got sorted your father and enterprise. Siddhant says all is precise, Dad asks did you get 10 stores I am certain you did, Siddhant says you’re proper, Dad says make certain you educate that lady lesson, ladies don’t apprehend till taught well much like your mom. Siddhant says don’t fear you rest.

Varun says Genda I am concerned approximately you and others, Genda says don’t fear, all of us might be first-rate. Door bell rings, Varun checks, a transport boy fingers him a box.
Siddhant thinks of his Genda’s phrases that his mom did.
Genda asks Varun who despatched it, Varun says don’t recognize and opens it, Genda sees lot of torn papers, and says what’s this, Genda reveals every other packet in it, opens it and reveals every other, she continues starting and reveals damaged uncommon view reflect of motorcycle and a letter.
Siddhant seems at his moms image and says you’re my mom however the manner you left me and Dad, I hate you, due to you my Dad is in ache and is scared, however I will contend with him and examine me in which I actually have reached, the whole thing modified in those years besides one this is my hatred toward you, I hate you and throws the image frame.

Genda reads letter its from Siddhant, it reads I burnt my favored bike, so now making a decision in case you are my buddy or my enemy.

Siddhant makes himself a drink, ans has damaged glass in his hand and thinks of Genda’s hurtful phrases approximately his mom and breaks glass in his hand and says that save is mine now due to the fact it’s non-public now and now no longer simply enterprise and educate that female a lesson.

Varun looses his calm, Genda says calm down, Varun says appearance how he’s troubling us, Genda says he did all this for our save, he’s going to apprehend soon, Varun says he isn’t always an awesome guy, I will visit his workplace and educate him a lesson, Genda says please calm down, examine Mummy she is so scared, Papaji is tensed and Manish bhaiya is scared too, so don’t mess now, we can combat on precise phrases and in limits
Siddhant says you’ll come begging to me asking me to shop for save, and you’ll fall in my feet, I will smash this pleasure and mind-set of yours, a lady need to by no means have a lot mind-set.

Genda says to Varun, we’re collectively and feature Maharaji’s advantages too.
Varun and Kundan in save, Varun approximately to go away for transport, Amit Arora from Wonder bank, arrives and asks for files he submitted and says save papers say the store is yours however whose land is this, Kundan says mine, Arora says display land papers. Varun says what, Arora says occupational papers and it isn’t always yours, so the mortgage might be cancelled now, in case you don’t publish papers in a week, you’ll should provide entire mortgage quantity and hobby and additionally I heard you messed with Siddhant Sinha, don’t do this, he’s hearthplace and also you eill flip to ashes and leaves.

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