Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant receives off his motormotorcycle, wears his jacket and walks to Anuradha and Genda, and says sorry Aunty I can pay for it, God has given me handiest one element and this is cash, Genda says close up, rather than pronouncing sorry you displaying off your wealth shameless, Siddhant says are you deaf, I did say sorry, you need me to kneel down, Genda says shameless man or woman such as you must be requested to kneel down,

Siddhant offers her cash and says it’s a manner to mention sorry, and its extra than you require, Genda says what do you suspect of yourself, first you drink and experience motormotorcycle, and if now no longer you, consider others a person ought to die, Siddhant says however nobody died and why a lot drama, I am supplying you with cash, Genda days how shameless, Siddhant says do you already know who you speaking too, humans await a while to fulfill me, I am Siddhant Sinha keep in mind this name. Anuradha recollects Manish’s words. Genda seems at Anuradha.

Siddhant says can be quickly this avenue might be Siddhant Sinha avenue and feature offered nine stores right here and want one, however proprietor is tricky, Kundan Agarwal who denied Siddhant Sinha, I will purchase that save come what might also additionally, Genda says its our save.

Siddhant says you don’t appear to be Genda Agarwal, Genda says he’s my father in regulation, Siddhnath says then I want to be desirable with you due to the fact I need your save and aunty sorry and also you inform your father in regulation now no longer to clutter with me on this age and right here have cash and take her to desirable hospital, Genda takes cash and throws on Siddhant, Genda says you maintain it and connect your mind and desirable my father in regulation denied you save, Siddhant says seems like complete own circle of relatives is mad. Anuradha says Genda shall we cross domestic dont mess with him. Siddhant pushes Genda’s bag and leaves.

Genda is going to Siddhant qnd gets rid of Siddhants motormotorcycle allow’s and says now I will educate you lesson and calls police and saya someone is inebriated and driving or even hit my mom in regulation, Siddhant says performed now provide me my keys, Anuradha says Genda I am satisfactory shall we cross domestic, Siddhant says appearance Kundan is right here and takes keys from Genda through distracting her, Siddhant says you can’t deal with a key and also you speaking approximately searching after save.

Genda fights with Siddhant and holds his motormotorcycle accelarator and his hand and doesn’t allow him cross, Siddhant receives irritated and his motormotorcycle falls, and says what hassle you’ve got got the motormotorcycle had simply touched, Genda says hassle is with you, whose mom hasn’t taught him to act with elders.

Police arrives at location, Genda tells he stated Police can do not anything and he inebriated and hit my mom in regulation, Police says to Siddhant hero allow’s cross police station, Guard says you don’t realize who he’s, Inspector says regulation is equal for everyone, Genda says study a few experience in police station, Siddhant says you may remorse it and turns to his motormotorcycle and says might also additionally it’s motormotorcycle or human, Siddhant doesn’t provide 2nd threat to folks who cheat on him, and lighting fixtures his hanky and throws it kn motormotorcycle, it catches fire, he says I won’t neglect about nowadays nor will can help you neglect about.
Siddhant leaves with Police

Doctor tells Anuradha is satisfactory, she simply wishes rest, Kundan asks how did this happen, Genda says Mummy met with an twist of fate and tells complete state of affairs and says he turned into Siddhant Sinha, equal man or woman Manish Bhaiya turned into speaking approximately, he even burnt his motormotorcycle and I despatched him to police station, Manish says why did you mess with him, he may be very risky and he wishes our save too. Kundan says why do you constantly try this,

can’t you simply come domestic, you may name me or Varun, however you maintain arguing each where, Genda says he turned into insulting Mummy and also you, and also you need me to maintain quiet, Kundan says I suppose two times speaking to him however you constantly go lines, Manish says Papa is right, why did you mess, God is aware of what he’s going to do now, Genda says not anything he’s going to do, he might be in jail for a few days and could have a few experience.

Pre cap: Siddhant’s father says to Siddhant, if a girl can’t live in her limits educate her lesson, Siddhant says I will.
Siddhant sends Genda a letter which reads if I can try this to my favorite motormotorcycle consider what I can do to you.


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