Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vinod, Siddhants supervisor arrives at Kundan’s keep, Kundan greets him, Vinod says I am Siddhants supervisor, and we’re right here to shop for stores and the tenth keep is your, nine are done, Kundan surprised, Varun sees the store deals, Vinod says there may be not anything not possible for Siddhant Sinha and he’s going to do the whole lot to get this keep, so what’s your price, Kundan says whoever can be Siddhant Sinha and this keep isn’t on sale, Vinod says we need 10 stores in line, and in case you don’t deliver yours we are able to be in loss and anyhow we’re prepared to pay you two times than marketplace price, Kundan says you can deliver some thing however this keep isn’t on the market, Vinod says haven’t you heard no, Varun says my father says no, depart now, Kundan says this keep isn’t on the market please live away.
Vinod leaves.

Genda in Maharaji’s temple watching for Varun, Varun rushes to her and says sorry I became caught in a delivery, and why you status outside, Genda says I am returned after such a lot of days, so desired to head in with you, Varun holds Genda’s hand and each stroll inside.

Panditji satisfied to peer Genda and says you’re right here after long, did you neglect about this place, Genda says simply ignored my path, Panditji says you pray, I will set up for aarti. Genda prays Maharaji I am sorry for now no longer maintaining religion in you, through now no longer accepting your guarantees I became by no means satisfied, and says Varun this small idol I were given it right here after I became irritated on Maharaji and now I actually have realised my mistake and need to take it returned, Varun says I am constantly there for you Genda and now my devotion on Maharaji has grown, Papa met you on this temple proper and after understanding you, I actually have greater religion in Maharaji.

Genda alternatives the small idol and says I am very satisfied nowadays and all seems like a stunning dream and sense like my self belief is returned and may do some thing.
Genda and Varun depart.

Vinod calls Kundan and asks for his choice, Kundan says I don’t need to promote it, Vinod says you’ve got got too, Kundan says its my choice I won’t promote, Vinod says I am telling in your right and we’re paying double too, Kundan says we aren’t involved and forestall calling us.

Anuradha walks to Kundan and asks why is he so stressed, Kundan says I actually have headache, Anuradha says day after today I am going with Genda day after today, do you need some thing, Kundan says no purchase for others, Anuradha says k and leaves.
Manish walks to Nisha and asks for newspaper, she study Siddhant Sinha’s information in, Nisha receives newspaper, Manish indicates Nisha the information and says he goes to assist us, he has offered nine stores and tenth keep is ours and in double amount, Nisha says oh wow, Manish says however Papa won’t comply with promote the store, Nisha says he doesn’t apprehend paintings belongings you speak to him and keep is already mortgaged and all of us understand Varun is right for not anything and what’s going to Shivam do due to the fact we are able to don’t have any cash for Shivam’s future, so go.
Manish says first I will speak to Varun.

Varun says to Genda, he misses Maharaji, Genda says however I sense he’s around, Manish calls Varun, Varun asks what’s ot, Manish says come take a seat down, and says I heard approximately Siddhant Sinha’s provide and I need us to promote keep and speak to Papa approximately it and I want your support, Anuradha asks what are you discussing, Manish says mummy you realize we’re in money owed and keep is mortgaged too, so I suppose we should promote this keep, I apprehend this keep is ancestral however we should store ourselves and so consider it, Varun says Papa has decided, he won’t promote the store, Manish says what, why didn’t you forestall him, he made a large mistake, Genda says Papa did proper, I understand we’re in hassle however that doesn’t suggest we promote our ancestral keep, Nisha says Genda, have informed you so normally forestall interfering, Manish says Nisha is proper, you don’t have any information approximately all this, and Varun, Siddhant will purchase our keep, Genda says we aren’t frightened of him, he is probably a massive enterprise guy and we’re massive right here and collectively we are able to combat anyone, Manish says what nonsense you saying, Varun says she is proper, and Papa is proper and I am with him, Anuradha says Varun and Genda are proper and also you calm down, Manish says you don’t understand Siddhant Sinha, I understand him very well, he wjll for positive purchase our keep, Genda says we won’t sale towards our wish, Manish says k however you’ll be answerable for the whole lot that occurs next.
Manish and Nisha depart.
Varun asks Genda now no longer to worry, Anuradha asks who’s this Siddhant Sinha, Genda says neglect about him are we going purchasing day after today, Anuradha says yes.

Anuradha and Genda purchasing, Genda sees Anuradha is misplaced and asks what’s incorrect, Anuradha says I am considering Siddhant Sinha, and what Manish stated is scaring me, and your Papaji became involved too remaining night time and I heard him speaking on telecellsmartphone and I sense some thing terrible goes to take place. Genda says we didn’t do some thing incorrect why some thing terrible will take place to us.

Siddhant Sinha on motormotorcycle with bodyguards following him, dashes Anuradha and leaves. Anuradha falls down. Siddhant stops his motormotorcycle, Genda enables Anuradha get up, Anuradha says she has harm her leg, Genda makes her take a seat down well and sees her leg.
Siddhnath receives of his motormotorcycle.

Pre cap: Siddhant wears his jacket and glasses and walks to Anuradha and says I will pay off for the whole lot, Genda says shutup, Siddhant says do you realize who you speaking too, it’s Siddhant Sinha.
Siddhant Sinha offers Genda cash and says it’s a manner to mention sorry, Genda throws his cash, Siddhant lighting fixtures his motormotorcycle and says whoever ditches me burns this manner, motormotorcycle or human.


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