Ghar Ek Mandir

Ghar Ek Mandir 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuradha and Kundan ask wherein is Genda, Varun says she is together along with her buddies will come soon, what’s all this however, Shivam says birthday party for Genda chachi, Maharaj uncle stated let’s wonder her. Nisha asks Varun how changed into the whole lot and did you enjoy, Varun says sure, Nisha asks did you provide her present, did she like it, Varun says I don’t understand. Nisha says I placed withinside the brief get dressed with a lot trouble in order that Varun receives indignant seeing her in that get dressed and each combat.

Maharaj takes Varun apart and asks did you combat once more, Varun nods, Maharaj says why today, its her birthday and all and sundry wishes it to be a satisfied day, you didn’t do properly and leaves. Varun thinks I did so wrong, I made her disenchanted on her day. Genda calls Nisha and asks did Varun attain domestic, Nisha says sure, Genda says he’s disenchanted abd isnt receiving name too and so referred to as you, Nisha says you fought today, who fights today, what happened, Genda says Varun gave me a get dressed as present and I stated no to put on it and so he left indignant, Nisha says one minute speak to him and offers Varun telecellsmartphone and places on speaker.

Genda says Varun I am sorry, Varun says why are you sorry, I made you disenchanted I am sorry, Genda says the get dressed you proficient I will put on it however only for you, Varun smiles. Nisha says inform her to return back dressed. Varun says ok put on it and are available to birthday celebration I will like it. Genda says this get dressed in the front of all and sundry, Nisha says she is so shy come on Varun pressure her. Varun says all could be asleep until you come, so put on it. Genda says ok, I will put on and are available. Varun leaves, Nisha thinks this may be fun, I desired to wreck their nighttime however now the entire own circle of relatives will see it.

Agarwal’s anticipating Genda to arrive, Genda calls Varun, Varun acts as though he’s alseep, Genda says are you certain all are asleep, Varun says sure come soon, Genda steps in and Shivam places at the lights, Everyone sees Genda in brief get dressed and are shocked. Genda appears at Varun. Varun thinks I proficient her saree what did she put on, Anuradha walks to Genda and covers her and asks what all is that this, Maharaji thinks its your check Varun pass aid her. Kundan says we could pass Maharaji and leaves. Manish says I bet my telecellsmartphone is ringing we could pass Shivam, Genda walks to her room ashamed.

Anuradha asks Varun what all is that this and what’s she carrying, Varun says I proficient some thing else, Anuradha says sufficient you’ve got got ashamed us, Nisha says she did a mistake I agree, I will speak to her she won’t do it once more and he or she changed into searching so pretty, Anuradha says are you done, and sufficient of you too, what all is taking place on this house, no person follows policies right here and also you knew approximately this, why didn’t you suspect of it Varun, no person ever dared to do that now pass interior and get her changed.

Varun walks to his room indignant, Genda sitting in bed, Varun closes door and says aren’t you ashamed of carrying this get dressed and coming domestic, Genda says why did you present me then, you sense ashamed now, wherein changed into this while you proficient me. Varun says I proficient you saree, Genda says no methods this get dressed changed into on this field Varun says ok we could there has been mistake however why did you put on it, don’t you understand policies right here,

Genda says I understand however you pressured me too and stated all are asleep, I requested you earlier than entering, Varun says how should you suspect I will present this reasonably-priced get dressed and we live in Chandni Chowk and now no longer south Delhi, Genda says I wore this get dressed due to you and Nisha bhabhi, I in no way put on such attire and didn’t need to and also you left disenchanted and wore this to make you satisfied however your eyes made me greater uncomfortable, Varun says you made a mistake and I don’t have time to argue all are anticipating you, alternate and are available soon.

Kundan says what have to I do, in call of being contemporary-day what all and sundry put on and don’t fear approximately culture, and discover policies as burden, Maharaji says calm down, Kundan says I am sorry you’re ashamed, Maharaji says no I am now no longer, Shivam rushes in says come we could pass reduce the cake.

Everyone in dwelling room, Shivam asks Varun to face beside Genda, Nisha thinks appearance so ashamed, Shivam says cmon reduce the cake soon. Genda cuts her cake, Maharaji and Shivam sing for Genda, Shivam asks others to enroll in them sing, Genda in tears appears at all and sundry, Maharaji says Genda wait and asks Shivam what’s which means of satisfied birthday to you, Shivam says satisfied birthday to you, Maharaji says it approach can also additionally you’ve got got a satisfied lifestyles in advance and Genda doesn’t appearance satisfied and does every body discover Genda satisfied.

Maharaji says Genda isn’t satisfied due to the fact her get dressed no person preferred it, and also you all behaved like she did a huge crime, Kundan says it changed into now no longer a criminal offense however a mistake. Maharaji says garments have to be some thing snug properly, no person requested how Genda changed into feeling and if she felt terrible she wouldn’t come domestic however your all behaviour made her sense so terrible, proper Genda, Genda doesn’t answer. Maharaji says her silence say it all.

Kundan says Maharaji you don’t understand approximately society, I informed you interior, we could reduce cake and end it, Maharaji says what’s society its all how we see things, society isn’t terrible however our angle is, Manish says its overdue we could reduce cake. Maharaji says Varun you acquire not anything to say. Genda appears at Varun.

Pre cap:Varun says to Maharaji it’s our non-public matter, don’t speak.
Genda sees Nisha and Varun speakme approximately asking Maharaji to leave.


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