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Ghar Ek Mandir 10th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda says to Anuradha you don’t should thank me, even you’ll do the same, Anuradha says no I won’t and I experience so horrific approximately it, however from nowadays I can be there on every occasion you want me and its my promise, Maharaji smiles. Genda hugs Anuradha, Maharaji thinks nowadays they have got united and combat all of the odds and hurdles, however now the actual check in their bond.

Kundan receives name from supervisor and he says your own circle of relatives individuals have withdrawn money, Kundan says now no longer possible, its simply fraud, please recheck. Kundan’s telecellsmartphone battery begins offevolved dying. Anuradha maintains attempting to name Kundan and Varun however couldn’t attain. Anuradha says its switched off.
Genda says even Manish and Nisha arent here, Anuradha says they usually take time and nowadays Varun’s Dad can be very satisfied understanding what I did, Genda says are you sure, Anuradha asks why do you are saying so, we’re couple so he won’t experience horrific don’t fear, Genda asks have you ever ever used this massive amount, Anuradha says in no way required however why you asking, Genda says I simply experience Papaji will experience horrific, Anuradha says don’t fear, you don’t understand him properly so those questions however I understand him so don’t fear, Genda says you’re proper, you understand eachother properly, I accept as true with you and your agree with, Anuradha says we’ve visible such a lot of ups and downs with him, we each agree with eachothers.

Maharaji walks to Genda and Anuradha and says Pooja Muharat will recover from quickly and it’ll be horrific, Genda says guys do that pooja and Papaji isnt here, Maharaji says its pooja whoever can do that and in line with me the ladies have the authentic proper to carry out pooja, Chopda Pooja is carried out for proper commercial enterprise and Kundan in no way begins offevolved proper commercial enterprise paintings with out muharat so nowadays he may lose the coolest time, Genda says however Papaji won’t love it, if Pooja is completed with out him, Maharaji says Genda listen me carefully, this pooja is useful handiest while carried out on given Muharat and so will Kundan love it if he misses the time, Anuradha says we can carry out the pooja.
Genda says how will we, Papaji will experience horrific, Anuradha says you heard Maharaji proper and guys aren’t here, so shall we carry out pooja come.

Genda and Anuradha carry out Pooja, Anuradha asks Genda to begin pooja, Genda says Papaji will now no longer love it, Anuradha says he could be disappointed if you’ll do it with out anyones word and I am asking you too and if Muharat is neglected he’s going to now no longer love it and in case you don’t experience proper approximately this, don’t do pooja, Genda seems at Maharaji, Maharaji nods sure to her, Genda says I will carry out pooja, Anuradha says don’t fear your Papaji trusts me and he won’t be disappointed after I inform him the cause in any case I even have controlled domestic these kind of years. Genda begings Pooja and plays all rituals.

Maharaji applauds and says you introduced alternate nowadays and congratulations on that, Anuradha smiles and says appearance Genda they nonetheless aren’t here, proper we completed pooja, Maharaji asks wherein is Shivam, Anuradha says he’s with friends, Maharaji says I will cross meet him.
Nisha and Manish attain domestic and scared that Kundan will scold them, Kundan and Varun arrive, Manish harassed says sorry we’re past due Papa, Nisha asks Varun why is Papa so disappointed, Varun says a person withdraw 2.five lakhs from account, Manish says who did this.

Anuradha asks Kundan why became his telecellsmartphone now no longer reachable, Kundan says positioned my telecellsmartphone on charging due to the fact I am going to have essential name after which I want to speak to everyone, Anuradha says I even have some thing essential to mention too, permit me positioned telecellsmartphone on charging first and leaves.
Kundan says Varun, permit’s apologise to God and begin pooja due to the fact its beyond the Muharat.

Kundan walks in Pooja room, opens books and sees Pooja js completed, Manish, Nisha, Varun amazed too. Genda walks in and says Papaji I already completed the pooja. Kundan says what have you ever carried out, do you’ve got got any concept what this is, Anuradha says I requested her too, Kundan asks why is this, Anuradha says you have been taking time and contact became now no longer reachable, Kundan says couldn’t you operate brain, handiest guys carry out pooja on this residence, and I don’t like every negligence in pooja, Anuradha says I notion you’re taking too lengthy and Muharat time became passing too, Kundan says what all ought to I manage, not anything proper is occurring on this residence, Anuradha I requested you to attend to this residence and also you broke my agree with of those years, Anuradha asks why are you disappointed, I did this due to time and the way it subjects who carry out pooja, Kundan says it subjects due to the fact handiest guys carry out pooja on this residence, you’ve got got disillusioned me so much, I don’t conform to this pooja and could redo it and leaves.

Nisha thinks new mess withinside the own circle of relatives proper. Kundan walks in with new books and begins offevolved pooja, Anuradha thinks of phrases she informed Genda that Kundan will in no way oppose her. Kundan finishes pooja and asks Varun to maintain books in save and those Genda completed pooja on provide it to Shivam to play, Genda feels horrific. Anuradha thinks I ought to apologise to him due to the fact it’s Diwali.

Anuradha walks to Kundan, others follow, Kundan checking his telecellsmartphone, Kundan says Anuradha you had some thing to mention, Anuradha says you too, so that you cross first, Kundan says do you apprehend financial institution problems, do you’ve got got brains, why ask then, cross serve dinner, Manish says Papa, Varun stated a person withdraw money, Kundan says can be fraud, I spoke to supervisor, permit me attain out to him again, Anuradha seems at Genda, Genda nods at her, Anuradha says disconnect the telecellsmartphone, Kundan asks why, Anuradha says I took that money, Varun, Manish, Nisha, Kundan shocked.

Pre cap: Kundan asks Anuradha wherein did she spend the money, Anuradha says don’t you agree with me, Kundan says no I don’t. Genda attempts to help her, Kundan says you shutup, Anuradha says permit her talk she helped me, Varun says solution Genda, wherein did you spend the money
Genda in temple sees Maharaji and asks him is he disappointed with her.


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