In a village, a rich man built a huge temple. When the temple was ready, they were looking for a person who could manage all the works of the temple well. Many people came to him for the greed of good pay and demanded work, but the rich person used to return them.

Every morning when the doors of the temple opened, people started coming to the temple for darshan. That rich person kept on seeing people coming to the temple. One day a young man came to the temple. His clothes were dirty. He did not even seem very educated. When he started visiting, the rich man called him to him. Asked him if he would accept the task of managing the temple. Hearing this, the young man fell into thinking. He said that I am not very educated. How can I handle this big responsibility? To this the rich man said that I need a gentleman, not a learned person, to arrange the temple. The rich man said that there is a brick piece on the way to the temple. I used to see daily that people would fall from his stumble and get up and walk. Nobody removed it, but you didn’t even stumble from it, However, if you saw it, you removed it. The rich man said that you have done your duty and those who know and follow their duty are gentlemen. Therefore, I want to make you the manager of the temple. The young man became the manager of the temple and took care of the temple with great skill.


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