The main event of Vasantotsav at Shantikunj, the headquarters of All World Gayatri Parivar, concluded on Tuesday with joy. Gayatri family head Shail JG and Chancellor of Devasanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Dr. Pranav Pandya, greeted the Vasanti glee to Gayatri seekers from all over the world at the Vasant Parvar celebrations that started with unfurling of Dharmadhwaja. Thousands of devotees along with Saraswati Poojan, Gurupujan and Parva Poojan paid floral wreaths. Addressing the main event of Vasantotsav online, Dr. Pranab Pandya, Head of All World Gayatri Family, said that Vasant is the great cause of wisdom. Spring adorns nature and life. It is a festival of union of nature and God. He said that Vasanti culture is visible all over the world these days. When culture comes in people, then they have generosity, Virtues like Sevabhav begin to develop. When spring has come in the lives of revolutionaries, then the feeling of national love was awakened in them and they gave their all for the nation. He gave very rigorous examinations, only then he got great successes. Today all of us need to inculcate a similar euphoria in life, so that we can cooperate in removing anomalies and various problems that are flourishing in the society.
The institution’s head Shailidi said that spring is a holy day of inspiration. Also, it is the incarnation day of Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, and from this, knowledge expanded. Shailidi said that spiritual and spiritual progress is more important than material wealth. He said that Pujya Acharyashree has done the task of furthering the work of Avatari Sattas in this era. Following the same sources, the Gayatri family is moving forward. He said that today where humanity is becoming insensitive, in such a time, it is a holy opportunity to awaken the sensations in humans through group meditation. He gave detailed information about the plan of Haridwar reached your door. On this occasion, Dr. Pandya and Shailadidi released a total of eight books including Pujya Acharyashree’s books in Odia, Tamil with Mahashakti Gayatri Savitri Sadhana: A Study, in the Himalayan Plains, Spiritual Journalism.


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