Gauhar Khan breaks silence on the news of his pregnancy

Bollywood actress Gauhar Khan lost her father a few days ago and after that she was in the news about the news of her pregnancy. After his father’s death, news of Gauhar’s pregnancy began to appear on the Internet. Now Gauhar Khan has expressed his displeasure on social media on the news of his pregnancy. Gauhar Khan made a tweet in which the news of pregnancy was not only useless but also expressed anger over such news.

Gauhar wrote in tweeting, ‘Your mind is bad and the facts too. Check your facts before typing anything. I have just lost my father, so be a little sensitive about your useless report. I am not pregnant. Thank you very much.

Earlier too, during an interview about the age difference between him and Zaid, he said, ‘Let me make it clear that people who talk about our middle age and all the things that came to me. Is wrong. It is very easy for people to make it news, but it is wrong. Yes, Zaid is a few years younger than me, but not 12 years. He is the perfect person for me and he also made my life very simple. We are very happy together.


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