Gauahar Khan got her first chance to travel with her husband and started dancing in happiness like this - watch video

Gauhar Khan’s team has defended him on the complaint lodged by BMC. His team said that Gauhar Khan is not Corona positive. The team said that Gauhar Khan is very healthy and is not violating any rules.

Understand Gauhar’s feelings and do not aggravate the case 

The team also requested the media in their statement that they should understand and respect Gauhar’s situation, because Gauhar has lost his father 10 days ago. And now she is facing the difficulties of the complaint lodged by BMC. Therefore, we request all of us not to increase this matter too much.

All Gauhar reports are negative

In the statement issued by the team, it was written that, to convey his best wishes and express concern to Gauhar Khan, let everyone know that this is a new report of Gauhar, in which all his tests are negative. She is not breaking any rules. Gauhar Khan is supporting BMC in everything they need. All media houses are requested to understand Gauhar emotionally. And respect them. Because she lost her father 10 days ago. That is why we request everyone to join hands and leave Gauhar alone at this time. And give them a little time for themselves. So that he can come out of this difficult situation.


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