Gajendara Chauhan Slams The Kapil Sharma Show For Mukesh Khanna

Ever since the team of Mahabharata has appeared in The Kapil Sharma Show, actor Mukesh Khanna is not taking the name of the anger. Mukesh Khanna first made a ruckus on Kapil’s show and told him that he was an alcoholic. Actor Gajendra Chauhan came to the rescue of Kapil Sharma. Gajendra Chauhan spoke in support of Kapil. He said that Mukesh was not called on the show.

Angry at this truth of Gajendra Chauhan, actor Mukesh Khanna has now called Gajendra Chauhan not only an ignorant in his video but he has also called him a failed Cheenman of FTII college.

Now, talking to Aaj Tak, actor Gajendra Chauhan has given a befitting reply to all the allegations of Mukesh Khanna. Gajendra addressed Mukesh Khanna as Mr. Bhishma Pitamah everywhere.

Mukesh trying to live in lime light: Gajendra Gajendra Chauhan said, ‘Mr. Bhishma Pitamah, you have not made any PHD in Mahabharata that you have all the knowledge. You commented on Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharata and called it good and bad, you also raised a finger on the knowledge of Sonakshi Sinha and now you are trying to live in lime light by resorting to Kapil Sharma’s show. This thing is also visible to everyone. Bhishma Pitamah has started considering himself as Ved Vyas of Mahabharata. ‘

‘Mukesh cannot get out of the role of Bhishma Pitamah’

Gajendra Chauhan said, ‘Mr. Bhishma Pitamah is the only character in the serial Mahabharata who is still living that character and does not want to come out of it. In all the roles he played in his life, he was always seen acting like Bhishma Pitamah.

‘Mr. Bhishma Pitamah says that I (Gajendra) have done a lot of comedy films in my life, so I want to tell him that I have been the chairman of the college of FTII college where he has been, he says that If he supported me in the controversy in FTII, then I want to tell that I did not seek any support from Mr. Bhishma Pitamah. I was not like Mr. Bhishma Pitamah that he left half his term in Children’s Film Society and ran away.


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