Sudhakaran: When I Spoke, There Were No Journalists, And Some Interested Party Propagated. It Is Enough To Change Between A Dot And A Comma: It was reported that Sudhakaran while inaugurating the Jyotisha Tantrikavedi state annual celebration, had said that only women above the age of 50 should be allowed to enter Sabarimala. Mathrubhumi was the first to report the news.

But in his response to the media, Sudhakaran says that he did not say anything new and only continued the existing rule and age limit. He added that no journalists were present when he gave the speech, and according to someone later, his words were misrepresented by the media.

“Many media asked me about the age limit of women in Sabarimala. There is no new comment on it.

The government has already issued a rule that only women who complete 50 years of age can go to Sabarimala. Women below that age are not allowed to visit Sabarimala.

In 2006 V.S. I was the Devaswom minister when the Achuthanandan government came. That day I brought the Devaswom Act in consultation with all concerned.

There were big allegations about the current Devaswom Board. So that board was dissolved. I think this is the first time a board has been dissolved in India.

Even then the age limit of 50 years was not changed. In the three-member board, the number of members was not increased but one seat was reserved for a woman expert in mythology.

The Devaswom Board also reserved a seat for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, who were driven out of temples and public life, to become rulers in temples.

The age limit for women becoming a member of the Devaswom Board has been fixed at 50. Because it is an age where many women are turning to devotion and spiritual thinking, even if they are not completely turned away from materialistic life.

Even though it was made 60 years, the other 50 years were not changed. Still, no one has reduced that age limit to 60 years.

This is just one of the many things I told the audience related to Devaswom matters about the various reforms and transformations undertaken by the Devaswom Department.

I talked for an hour. It does not say anything new. There were no reporters, no cameras.

You know I will never do PR work where I call journalists or cameramen in advance and do lobbying.

I don’t favor any of you journalists, you never came to me for favors. So the relationship with journalists is one of mutual respect, criticism, and mutual criticism.

No one was in the program that day. Some interested parties shouted in Thiruvananthapuram and elsewhere that Sudhakaran had said this. That is the case. There is nothing new in what I said. This 50 year is early.

I have not said that only those who have completed 50 years of age should climb Sabarimala. I didn’t say that, it’s the current rule. Even when the new law was introduced as a minister, I said that I did not change this rule.

Since the deity of Sabarimala is Nitya Brahmachari, that concept is kept as such. This is something we all respect and accept. That is not to be confused with. That’s how it goes. All you have to do is the change between a dot and a comma.

As a public servant and a member of the Communist Party, I have read and understood our party program, ideology and constitution very well,” said G. Sudhakaran said.

Sudhakaran explained about the news that he had said that astrology is relevant as long as the unknowns remain and that it is politicians who perform human sacrifices, not astrologers.

“I heard the speech of the President of the Jyotisha Tantrikvedi Sangha. He preached about Aryabhata, Varahamihira and Chanakya. Now, their view is that astrologers should work on the basis of the texts and traditions written down thousands of years ago while science and technology developed.

I felt happy when they said such progressive things. But when you heard this, you remembered the program of bringing Kavadi and hitting people,” added Sudhakaran.


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