Shubharambh Fame Mahima Makwana Chest Pain Waiting For Reports Said Has Corona Taken All Humanity

Frozen Humanity: where Is Our Humanity Going?: Roadside in Thalassery He was leaning on the car he was driving He is only six years old The mountain that kicked T Yali youth’s cruel sister Sum is being discussed The position is now. Raja came to work in Kerala Belonging to the child of the local family The cruelty of twenty-somethings CC Released through TV shows Big tho followed what came This is social media Spread in

News channels and newspapers All of you have frozen humanity This is a portrait of the mind Specializing in Acceptable in any way Doubt it’s goose pride There is nothing. Tell me to change it, sir It’s easy to do. How boldly is an incident This is what the young man saw? In the growing Talamurai Such violence instead of Hinduism What if the car is ahead? And the future of society.

A shame for Kerala as a whole What is bad life? This is for a poor child’s Intolerance. That child who was kicked and caught It’s just a pain in the ass Walk silently from there Before moving on. Why did you kick it? Ethan to the local youth Asking is also a trick No, he replied Flying is also seen in the scenes There is Soon the child in his car He was standing nearby Venn is what he says. Soon he will go in the car There is He was admitted to the Taluk Hospital Sarah is in the middle of the baby It’s gone.
The police responded to this incident The condition should also be noted. If you know the details of the police They also gave him too much respect Locals say no Th.

The youth was taken into custody “Give advice’ and leave It is! The entire country knew about the incident Manu police also took the case And accepted the measures. Someone kicked some kid What is wrong with us countrymen? The approach of the police! There is money and property If anyone has any problems I believe that all five can be trampled by Police in the country Well this too! Approach the police Re is a rising star This is the last one Also remember.

C.C The TV scenes were released Only because of this, the arrogance of the youth is destroyed. As a matter of fact. If it is not, kick it The fallen child and his tears are filled with grass Natti was not with La Kalpi To implement justice and justice in Those who fit. Can’t resist This is how There are so many atrocities Our country is ready After all, this is God’s own gift. There is no way without asking. There is no CCTV footage If the complaint is raised Try to change the child But it is not surprising, no In some of our methods. The child tried to harm the occupants of the car. In the judgment of the young man.

Take time and get justice for the child Tried to please R deserves all the praise. Humanity has completely dried up This is the proof that it is not. Available to buy from stores No humanity. It has been cultivated since childhood Have to get it. To others, please tell me separately It is in a bad condition Varot, in a respectful manner To teach to write During the education week, A Proud literate Kerala It is essential. If he stands near himself or his property The thought that one job will be announced Bhavam is encouraging even in one person Don’t pick. Where is the evolution of symbionts? The first thing to learn is to knit. Th.

Ahead of Selfishness Raise the flag of Carat. Landing in public places We must be able to stop politely. is sitting Violence on public roads This is only a matter of opinion. Mini when going out with the cart Mother deserves love for her fellow creatures. May not forget.


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