Actress Archana Puran Singh is very active on social media and often shares photos and photos on Instagram. ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ features Archana Puran Singh as a judge / special guest and keeps sharing many unseen photos related to the show. In such a situation, Archana also shared a funny video of Krishna Abhishek. In the caption of this video, Archana wrote, ‘Private Conversation … a little fun. Since the shoot was stalled due to technical reasons, I and Krishna entertained.

In the video, only the voice of Archana Puran Singh is coming, while Krishna is seen Abhishek. Archana asks Krishna – ‘Are you Dhaniram or Ram Lal? What is the name.’ So someone else answers that Ramlal. After this Archana says, ‘Hi Ramlal, how are you?’ In response, Krishna says, ‘I feel very good, seeing you here in front of me.’ After this, Krishna laughingly says, “We only steal chocolates, you have hit a big hand.” After this Archana says in a cute style, ‘Don’t tell anyone Ramlal’.

In response, Krishna says, “Nobody will know, the whole world sees.” Once again Archana laughs and says, “Don’t tell anyone, I will give you more chocolate.” So after this, laughing again, Krishna says, “Both of us together will commit more thieves.” In the video, Kapil Sharma is seen with Badshah behind, and there are some fruits on the table. For whom Archana says, ‘Those who keep fruits, I will give one to you as well, the rest I will take home.’

This fun-filled video of Krishna and Archana is about one and a half minutes. Fans are very fond of this video. By the way, Archana Puran Singh often shares funny photos and videos on her Instagram from the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show. Which fans also like a lot. Recently, Archana also shared a cute video for wishing Kiku Sharda a birthday. In this video, Kiku is seen in the role of Dhaniram.


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