The popularity of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is tremendous. Despite having a long career span of more than two decades, the fans like Kumar very much. Seeing every film of his, try to make him a superhit. But now people are also fanning this ban of banning Akshay’s big film Laxmi Bomb. What did Akshay make a video on Bollywood drugs, people took him to task. But this is not the first time Akshay has had to face the wrath of the people. The actor has such a style that many times he comes under target even without mistake. Some of Akshay’s similar controversies are known about-

Controversy over National Award

Akshay Kumar received the National Award for the film Rustom. But when questions arose as to why he did not get the award for a better film, then it came to know that the actor has also received the National Award for Airlift. But those who have to troll, they can do it anytime and how ever. Something similar happened with Akshay. The actor got the National Award, but allegations started that Akshay because he was a friend of the director Priyadarshan, so he got this award. During that time, Priyadarshan of the National Award jury team was a member, so a lot of ruckus was created on social media. In the end, Akshay himself had said that if he wants, he can return his award.

Jolly LLB 2 Brawl

There was a lot of ruckus about Akshay’s hit film. It took him to court in the film. In fact, many lawyers of the country had raised their voice against this film of Akshay. In the eyes of all, the image of lawyers in that film was being tarnished and questions were raised on the judiciary. By the way, all this controversy was seen before the film’s release. Since the trailer, there was a demand to remove many scenes of the film.

Jeans had to be opened heavily

Khiladi Kumar is known for his fun and cool style. But his style is not always liked. On one occasion when Akshay was walking the ramp to promote a brand, he asked his wife Twinkle in front row to unbutton his jeans. The video was viral on social media for a long time. Due to that one incident, Akshay was accused of spreading obscenity.


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