Many shows come and go in the TV world. Some of these shows are such that leave a deep impression in the hearts of people. The character of that show is the big hand behind making TV shows famous. Once the audience gets the character, then the show also goes on. Recently, there was news that Rajshri Thakur, an actress working in Shaadi Mubarak, has left the show. It has been only a month and a half since the show started. In such a situation, leaving the show of the actress is going to disappoint the fans a bit. Actress Rati Pandey is replacing Rajshree in the show. It will be fun to see if Rati can fit in this role.

Well, this is not the first time that a star has left the show in between. Many stars have already done this in the past. Let’s know about some such stars …

Jiya Manek
Maneck – Saath Nibhana Saathiya Actress Jia Maneck was seen in the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya . She was in the role of Gopi Bahu in the show. He played this character as if it was made for him only. She was fit for this role. But due to some issues between the show’s makers and Jia, she dropped out of the show.

In such a situation, the fans found it difficult to fit another actress in this character. In the show, Devolina replaced Jia. But Devolina played this role in such a way that the fans forgot Jia. The show was a huge success.

Vijendra Kumeria – Flight
Vijendra Kumeria was well liked in Nagin 4. His character name in the show was Dev. Vijendra was also seen in the show Udaan. But he left the show in between. The reason for this was a 10-year leap. Vijender did not have to play the role of a big man, so he left the show and left. The serial received good response.

Meghna Malik – Lado 2

Meghna Malik Amma is known for playing the character. He played this role very strongly in Lado. The show was well received. Seeing the success of the show, its second season came Lado 2. In this too she was in the role of Amma ji. But he left the show in the middle. There was no confirmed news about why he left the show.

Siddharth Shukla – from heart to heart

Bigg Boss fame Siddharth Shukla was seen in the show ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’. The show received good response. Rashmi Desai and Jasmine Bhasin were in the opposite role of Siddharth. But Siddharth had left it in the middle. Shortly after this, the show was closed.

Rohan Mehra- What is this relationship called?

Rohan Mehra was in the role of Naksh in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. His character was stabilized quite well. The story was revolving around Naksh’s love story. He became the son of Hina Khan in the show. But he left the show in between. The reason for this was told to Big Boss. After what this relationship is called, he was seen in Big Boss.

Jyoti Sharma – Aisi Deewangi
Jyoti Sharma played the female lead in the show Aisi Deewangi. Pranav Mishra was also in the lead role in the show. Both Jyoti Sharma and Pranab Mishra left the show. He accused the show’s makers of saying that he was inhumanely treated during the shoot, so now he is leaving the show.

In an interview given to Bombay Times, Jyoti Sharma said, “Ever since this show has been on air, they have been exploited ever since. Jyoti told that neither did she get food nor tea while shooting continuously for 18 hours. Jyoti said, the situation has become so bad that now she is unable to continue working in this show.

Sana Sheikh-Bhootu was seen in
Sana Sheikh show Bhootu. Kinshuk Mahajan was in the lead role in the show. But the actress left the show in the middle. Because the makers had decided that they would make it a complete kids show by ending the love story in the show.


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