Actress Priyanka Chopra is in the news these days. The reason for this is his book ‘Unfinished’. In ‘Unfinished’, Priyanka mentions many stories of her life. From boob job talk in the book to trolls on the picture with PM Narendra Modi, Priyanka has shared many interesting and shocking stories related to professional and personal life in the book. In such a situation, it is about telling you about the unfolding stories so far.

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beauty cream Promoting blonde beauty cream, Priyanka considers it a big mistake in her life. In this ‘Unfinished’, Priyanka has written, ‘Whatever has happened, I cannot go back in time and change it, but I can apologize and I apologize from the heart for this.’ ‘I feel sad to see that advertisement. Actually at that time I used to see myself like that 13-year-old girl, who used to take different measures in the bathroom to get herself blonde. Recall that some time ago Priyanka had openly said in an interview, ‘I am proud of my dark complexion’. In the interview, Priyanka further said, ‘I will never say that anyone needs to be blonde, because only then you can look beautiful, because I don’t believe it.’

People started calling Plastic Chopra
Priyanka Chopra while talking about her nose surgery, wrote in ‘Unfinished’, ‘I went to the doctor, which was recommitted by my family. They found a polyp in the nasal cavity of my nose, which was to be removed. It could only be removed by surgery. It is a routine procedure, but it did not happen in my case. When I went for surgery for Polyp, my nose braid was removed from the doctor by mistake, due to which the bridge of the nose was damaged. When the turn came to remove the bandages, I saw the position of my nose. Me and mother, we were both scared. My real nose was completely gone. My face looked completely different, I wasn’t her. I was broken after seeing all this and lost hope. Whenever I saw the mirror, it seemed that the stranger was looking at me and laughing. ‘

Priyanka further says that I had lost myself and my confidence. I started feeling that I will never come out of this thing. This experience was very emotional for me and family, as my parents were also doctors. What hurt me the most was that my nose surgery had become a public affair. People were calling me Plastic Chopra. Suddenly this name started appearing in newspapers and articles, which followed me throughout my professional life.

‘Unfinished’ photo with PM Narendra Modi , Priyanka has also talked about the contravention on the photo shared with PM Modi in 2017. Keeping her side on this controversy, Priyanka said- ‘Prime Minister and I stayed in the same hotel by coincidence. I called his office and requested him to meet me ‘. The actress also told that along with her, the American campaigner and his brother also talked to PM Modi. During this meet, Priyanka came to meet the PM wearing the same clothes that she was wearing during the promotion of ‘Baywatch’.

Priyanka Chopra, while replying to trolls in the controversy, referred to a photo shared in short dress with her mother in ‘Unfinished’. He wrote in the book – ‘My reaction to this anger of the people was to take a photo with my mother in a short dress at dinner that night and post it online. It runs in the family. But leaving aside the joke, it seems to me that I had shown myself very well.

When Salman Khan helped
In the book, Priyanka Chopra shared an anecdote during the shooting of one of her films. The film had a seductive song, in which Priyanka had to take off her clothes one by one. The song was long and Priyanka did not want to show her skin at that time. In such a situation, Priyanka had asked the director to wear an extra body layer. Because she did not want to show her skin. On hearing Priyanka’s talk, the director said that she should talk to her stylist. The director had further said, ‘Chadiya must be seen, whatever. Otherwise people will not come to see the film. Priyanka did not like this about the director and left the project the very next day. However, this decision of Priyanka was also heavy on the director and when Priyanka was busy shooting for another film, the producer came to meet her.

Salman Khan co-starred with Priyanka in that film. Priyanka writes, ‘Mere ko-star Salman Khan was a big star of India. He understood the seriousness of the case and immediately came to the rescue. When the producers came, Salman talked to them and settled the matter. I don’t know what Salman Khan talked to him, but after that the way the producers talked was completely changed. ‘

In the
book, her boyfriend hid her boyfriend , Priyanka said that she had spent some of her years in America in Teenage, when she lived on her relative’s and went to school there. At the same time, she fell in love with a boy named ‘Bob’ in school. Priyanka told that when she was in 10th class, she used to live in Indianapolis with an aunt named Kiran. At the same time, she met a boy named Bob in her school, who won her heart with her funny and romantic style. Priyanka was completely in love. Even both had planned to get married.

Princeka said that one day she was watching TV with Bob, when her Kiran aunt came home. This was not the time to come to his house. Seeing this, Priyanka took the boyfriend to his room and locked it in the cupboard. At the same time, his aunt had become suspicious and as soon as he came, he angrily asked Priyanka to open the cupboard. After finding Bob in Priyanka’s wardrobe, his aunt was very angry and complained to his mother. It is said that shortly after this, Priyanka returned to India.

Priyanka Chopra has given advice of ‘boob job’ in this book that a director had advised her for ‘boob job’. However, the actress has not revealed the name of that famous director / producer. Priyanka Chopra has told that the director with whom she first met after winning the title of Miss World in 2000, had advised her to get a ‘boob job’ so that her body proportions could be corrected.

Priyanka Chopra wrote in her book, ‘After a few minutes of conversation, the director asked her to stand and roam. When he did this, the director said after seeing him that you should get a boob job done so that his body proportion is correct and he will look better. ‘ The actress has revealed in her book that after meeting the director she was quite shocked and felt small.


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