The government has decided not to provide salary information on social media. In the new labor law, a provision was made to provide salary information on WhatsApp with email and SMS, but now this decision will be changed. This information is given by Labor Secretary Apoorva Chandra.

In fact, in the new labor law, the government had also talked about giving salary information through social media. However, the proposal was also criticized and concern was expressed that it would make it easier to breach secrecy. It was also said that through this step, the government wants to institutionalize and legalize such platforms in formal communication. Labor Secretary Apoorva Chandra said that this discrepancy will be rectified and the government will remove social media and WhatsApp from the Wage Communication draft notification. He said that we will change this clause. We respect employees’ privacy. Soon the draft labor law will be finalized and in it you will see that salary information has been removed through Shosal Media and WhatsApp.

Cyber ​​expert raised questions

Economists and cyber experts raised questions over the salaries of employees through social media and WhatsApp under the new labor law. They believed that using social media to provide salary information would not only compromise employee-employer confidentiality, but would also increase the risk of financial profiling, monitoring of bank statements and data theft.

New law plans to be implemented from April

The Ministry of Labor is set to implement all four new codes from April. These include the Pay / Wage Code, the Code on Industrial Relations, Work-related Safety, the Code on Health and Work Conditions (OSH), and the Social Security Code. To improve labor laws, the Ministry has integrated a total of 44 types of old labor laws into four broad codes.

Hope to increase jobs

Experts say that the new rules will change the way the job is done and done. If the companies will be able to fix the work for four days, then there will be a PF account for even the meds and the driver who comes to your home. This is expected to provide relief to the employees and also increase the employment opportunities.


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