Two men were taken shots at a Northwest Side apartment building and are right now hospitalized

Free Delivery In Hospital: War On Gender Discrimination, If A Girl Is Born In That Private Hospital, Everything Is Free: If you have any illness, you have to think about going to a private hospital. Even if there is a normal delivery situation. there are allegations that they scare and extort money from surgery. There is no truth in this. Because of this, some people try to have a normal delivery. .. There are people who are upset if a girl child is born. Even though science and technology are moving forward. Although women are excelling in all fields. Gender discrimination continues. However.. a hospital says everything is free if a girl child is born. A doctor from Pune.. in his hospital. He is delivering baby girls for free. He claimed that over 2,400 baby girls have been delivered simultaneously in his hospital in the last 11 years. He claimed that no fee was charged from their parents and relatives.

As part of the ‘Beti Bachao Janandolan’ program, Dr. Ganesh Rakh, who runs a maternity-cum-multispecialty hospital in the Hadapsar area of ​​Pune, Maharashtra, is trying to create awareness against feticide and infanticide. In the last 11 years, more than 2,400 baby girls have been delivered without charging their parents and relatives. In some cases, if a girl child is born, the family members are ashamed to see her. That photo touched me. It gave me peace. The doctor recalled holding the newborn girl in his arms and saying, “Do something to save the girl child and create awareness about gender equality.”

Dr. Rakh lamented that some families happily come to the hospital and pay the bills if a boy is born, but in some cases if it is a girl, they adopt an indifferent attitude.. That’s why we have decided to waive the entire medical fee if a girl is born.. We have named this program ‘Beti Bachao Janandolan’. In the last 11 years, we have discharged more than 2,400 girls from the hospital without any charges.. According to a government survey, more than six crore cases of female feticide have been reported in the last ten years, Dr. Rakh said. It is said to be a form of “genocide”. The reason for female feticide is people’s preference for sons. He expressed his concern that this is not limited to a region, state, or country, it is a global social problem.

According to our survey, the cases of female infanticide have decreased significantly, which is a positive decision, said Dr. Rakh. Wasim Pathan, who last month gave birth to twins, a girl, and a boy, said he was overwhelmed by the way the hospital staff welcomed the birth of his children. He added that we had a boy and a girl on 26th October and as per the hospital policy we have waived the entire fee for the medical expenses of the girls. Pathan said the hospital held a small ceremony when his wife and children were discharged. They decorated the lobby with flowers and balloons, cut a cake, and chanted slogans in support of the girls. When we left the hospital, they showered flower petals on my twins and expressed happiness.


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